Form scg-9010 pv system vandalizm letter

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Date: ____________


Department of Administrative Services

Office of School Construction Grants & Review

450 Columbus Blvd., Suite 1503

Hartford CT, 06103

Photovoltaic System Vandalism Letter

Subject: State Project No.: ________________________________

Facility Name: ___________________________________

This letter serves to confirm that the (enter Local Education Agency, “LEA”) Board of Education has chosen to install a Photovoltaic Array (the “System”) at the above referenced school building project, and acknowledges that 100 percent (100%) of any future costs for replacement or repairs to the system due to vandalism will be the full responsibility of the town and/or school district unless formally waived in writing by the Commissioner of the Department of Administrative Services due to extenuating circumstances.



Superintendent of Schools

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FORM SCG-9010 Rev. 7/10/17 KD

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