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May 28, 2010





Jimmy Hamilton

Q. Why don't you tell us about your first Senior PGA Championship experience.

JIMMY HAMILTON: This has been an extraordinary week for me. It is my first Major ever and it's been a thrill.

Q. What does it mean for you to play in a tournament like this?

JIMMY HAMILTON: Well, as a club pro, PGA member, and now a senior, to have this opportunity is just one of a kind. It's amazing.

Q. What was your goal going into this tournament?

JIMMY HAMILTON: Well, the goal was to try to make the cut and to have some fun and have my son with me caddying, and that would make it a great week, no matter what was going to happen.

Robin Freeman
Q. What's your experience on making the cut and the whole tournament?

ROBIN FREEMAN: The experience on making the cut? Well, after yesterday's round the cut wasn't really a problem. I had a tough stretch from 9 through 12 today. That kind of really put me behind the 8 ball.

But it was a tough day and I didn't execute real well. I paid the price for a couple bad tee shots. I had two unplayable lies that I had to take and then 3 putted 1.

But it just wasn't a great day, the wind was very tough, and I'll go get 'em tomorrow.

Q. What do you think you're going to try to improve on? Because you did really well yesterday.

ROBIN FREEMAN: Well I got to drive the ball a little better than I did. I haven't driven the ball really well at all. Well, I shouldn't say really well, I just haven't been spot on with my drive. And out here you need to be spot on with your drive. You need to be in the fairway. So hopefully the driving will improve and everything else will stay as is.

Q. Did you encounter anything on the course that you didn't notice yesterday?

ROBIN FREEMAN: No, no. It's just a lot more wind, a lot firmer conditions than yesterday morning.

Like I said, I didn't execute my drives especially great, and that put me in some bad places. But other than that, it wasn't too bad a day.

George Forster

Q. Do you have any comments on your experience here this week?

GEORGE FORSTER: I always enjoy playing in this tournament. I've been fortunate enough to play in this the last few years. So I came into this week with no game and this is not the place to try to find your game. So I struggled.

I still enjoyed it. I had a great time. My son caddied for me and my wife was out here. So it's great to be out here and be with this caliber of players, I just wish I could have performed better.
Q. What was it like having your son out on the course with you?

GEORGE FORSTER: It's really cool. He's my youngest son, he's caddied for me two years. George, my older son, who is also a golf professional, he's an assistant pro at Merion, he caddied me for a couple years out here. So it's great.

Q. What did you think of the course?

GEORGE FORSTER: Very fair golf course. You got to know how to play the wind and you got to really know how to judge your distance into the greens, which I had a lot of trouble with. The elevation and things.

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