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Machining Simulation Lathe User Manual

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1.Getting Started:

Right Mouse Button Menu:

  • A. Panel XOZ :Change view

  • B. Panel YOZ :Change view

  • C. Panel XOY :Change view

  • D. Hide/Show machine body:

To hide/show machine body , select "Hide body" or "Show body" .

  • E. Move to center:

Move to the center of workpiece immediately .

F. Open/Close door

To open/close door , release Emergency button and power on , then select "Open door" or "Close door" .

Transform machine model:

A. To rotate machine model , click left mouse button and drag it .

B. To zoom in and out machine model ,roll mouse wheel to zoom .

C. To pan machine model , press mouse wheel and drag with it to pan .

Tips for transforms:

Main menu

  • A. Estimate time

Estimate CNC machining time for a CNC program .

  • B. FIle

1.Import : Import a CNC program under which EDIT mode is available and a CNC file is opened or created .

2.Save workpiece : Save machined workpiece .

3.Read workpiece : Read saved workpiece .

1.Displaying programming trace:

When on , show programming trace during auto run . When off , hide programming trace.

2.Display body:

When on , show body , when off ,hode body.

3. Sound effect:

When on , enable sound , when off , disable sound .

4. Shadow effect:

When on , enable shadow effect , when off , disable shadow effect . If some obsolete display adapters cause several types of problems , such as running slowly , the option better be disabled .

  • D. View

1.View panels : When CNC panel is closed , use the menu to reopen CNC panel .

2.Show in dual monitors : Separately show panels and 3D model in dual monitors .

  • E. Switch panel

Switch CNC system to one another .

  • F. Workpiece

Select type of workpiece , workpiece types : box and cylinder . Improve the smoothness of workpiece you can see on the screen :

1. Performance : Jaggies

2. Balance : Less jaggies
3. Quality : Smooth , you will experience a decrease in performance with the high value .

It is recommended to select a value based on how your display adapter can perform .

  • G.Check for updates

Check if a newer version .

  • G. Help

2. Tool select

Click the left tool icon in the machine view, the Tool library dialog pops up. A tool list on the left side displaying all tools , another list on the right side displaying the tools on turret. The parameters of tool and insert are shown below.

  1. Add a tool:

Enter new parameters for a new tool and then press “Add” button.
2 . Modify :

Click an item in the tool list , the selected tool’s parameters will be shown below, modify them and then press “Modify” button.
3 . Delete:
Click an item in the tool list and then press “Delete” button, the selected tool will be deleted.

4 . Mount tool:

Right Click an item in the tool list or press “Mount to>>” button after clicking an item in the tool list, the menu showing the turret station number will pop up, select a station where a tool will be mounted.

Click an item in the turret list, press “Tool ready” , the turret will rotate and index the selected station to the machining position .

3. CNC Panel

FANUC 0iM Control panel

Emergency button

Power on

Power off

Cycle start

Cycle stop

Auto Edit MDI INC

Handle REF Jog


Main spindle CW,Stop,CCW


Rate for INC mode :0.001 , 0.01 , 0.1 , 1.0

Main spindle override

Feedrate override

Program protect

A. Edit program

PressEdit button and then PROG button on system panel , select "DIR" , as following :

  • 1. Open a CNC program : Enter a CNC program name that exsits in the system , such as "O0001" , press ArrowDown button on system panel to open it .

  • 2. Create a CNC program : Enter a CNC program name that doesn't exist in the system , such as "O0001" , press "Insert" button . Program protect must be unlocked before creating a new CNC program .

  • 3. Edit a CNC program :

Use the three buttons to edit a program : Alter , Insert , Delete . Edit is not available until program protect is unlocked .

  • 4.Delete a CNC program : Enter a CNC program name , press "Delete" button .

  • 5.Import a CNC program from your disk:

    • Switch to EDIT mode in the Simulation , and then either create or open a CNC program .

    • New a Notepad text file .

    • Enter or paste CNC program into the text file .

    • Select "Save as" and select "Save as type:" as "All files" .

    • Enter a file name , such as "XXXX.cnc" or "" .

    • Use Import menu in the Simulation to select the file , click "Open" .

    • The file is imported.

B. Auto run

Open , create or import a CNC program , press , then press Cycle start .

Press to enable Single Block . When on , CNC program will be executed in a single block , when off , the function is disabled .

C. Offset input

Select edge finer from left tool bar and mount it to main spindle .

Use Right Button menu to select Panel XOZ , press to approach slowly to the edge of workpiece until LED is on , as following:

Moving mouse onto tool shank ,the tool information will be shown,and then right-click on the tool shank to pop up the menu as below:

Select “Tool ready” , the turret will index the station to the machining position.

Right-click on the machine view to pop up the menu , select “Move to center” ,the tool nose aligns with the center of work piece.

Press “OFFSET SETTING”,an image shown as below:

Press “OFFSET” soft key,enter “X0”,press “Measure” soft key, offset for X is done, Z axis is the same as X.

Select "Work" , an image shown as following:

UseArrow button to select G54 , enter X50 , select "Measure" .

Steps for Y axis is similar to steps for X axis .

Steps for Z axis : Mount a tool on main spindle , approach to the surface of workpiece slowly and cut it slightly , enter "Z0" , select "Measure" . For more information ,download :the video tutorial on


Pressbutton , pressbutton , an image shown as following:

Select "MDI" , enter a block , such as "G54X0Y0Z0" , press to execute the block you enter .

4.Use Hand Wheel

To use Hand Wheel , Double Click on Hand Wheel . To close Hand Wheel , Double Click on it again.


If there is a problem with displaying 3D model , please make sure the hardware accelerations are enabled before running the application .

GreatSim Works

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