Gvozdev Roman Vitalievich Position, academic degree, academic rank

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Gvozdev Roman Vitalievich

Position, academic degree, academic rank:

Junior researcher, candidate of historical Sciences.


Far Eastern state University (MSU) , a specialist in regional studies of the English-speaking countries of the Asia-Pacific region. Candidate of historical Sciences, specialty 07-00-07 - "Ethnography, Ethnology anthropology".

Research interests:

Ethnography of the peoples of the Far East. Traditional military indigenous peoples of the Far East, North-East of Russia and adjacent countries. Cross-cultural interaction of Eastern Slavs and indigenous peoples of the Far East.

Rewards: none


1. Grant of Feb RAS n 06-III-B11-447 "Military knowledge of Tungus-Manchurian and Nivkh (XVII-XIX dd) (head)

2. Grant RFBR 12-05-00202 "Regularities of structural organization and diversity of landscapes of the mainland and oceanic Islands of the North-West Pacific" (co-executor)

3. RGS grant No. 01/2015 "on Landscapes and the cultural evolution of the island communities of the Russian Far East (Kuril Islands, the commander, the water area of Peter the Great Bay)" (coauthor)

Research experience:

The General direction of the research: 100. A comprehensive study of ethnogenesis, ethnic and cultural face of peoples, contemporary ethnic processes, historical and cultural interaction of Russia and foreign world.

Topic:"Traditional cultures of the Russian Far East in the historical and cultural landscape of the Asia-Pacific region". Reg. No. 01201153004 . The theme of the individual study " Traditional military knowledge of the peoples of the North-East of Russia»

Selected publications:

(I) Books and monographs:

II) of Article:

1. Gvozdev R. V. Shamanism and traditional military knowledge of the peoples of Siberia and the Far East (XIX – beginning XX C) // Russia and APR. Vladivostok, 2010. No. 3. P. 116 – 123 (of 0.3 PP).

2. Gvozdev R. V. Development of the military organization of Tungus-Manchurian (on materials of the middle XIX—XX centuries) / / Vestn. DVO RAN. Vladivostok, 2011. No. 1. P. 138-143 (0.25 p. l.)

3. Gvozdev V. R. the representation of the ethnic features of traditional military knowledge in the folklore of the Nanai // Russia and Asia Pacific. No 1, 2016, p. 243-250 (0,3 p. L.) ISSN 1026-8804

4. Gvozdev R. V. Traditional physical education of the Aleuts, as an example landscape of adaptation (according to the materials of the XIX-XX VV / Russia and the Pacific. No. 1 , 2017. Vladivostok. C. 157-167. (0,73 p. l.) ISSN 1026-8804 (Article prepared with the support of the grant of the Russian humanitarian scientific Fund, project № 15-31-01290)

5. Gvozdev R. V. Peculiarities of trade relations, the Uilta (Orucov) Sakhalin island in the XVII—XIX centuries, Russia and Asia Pacific. No. 1, 2018. Vladivostok. ISSN 1026-8804

Articles in scientific collections and periodicals

6. Gvozdev R. V. Educational role of the arts of indigenous peoples of Siberia and the Far East in the late XIX—XX centuries. / / Ninth far Eastern conference of young historians: materials. Vladivostok: DVO ran, 2006. Page 273 – 283 (0,5).

7. Gvozdev RV image of the beast in the martial arts of the peoples of East Asia // Oykumena. Vladivostok, 2009. No. 2. P. 93 – 100 (of 0.3 PP).

8. Gvozdev, V. R. the Elements of military knowledge in the national games of the Tungus-Manchurian and Nivkh (XIX—XX centuries) // the Pacific Russia and Asia-Pacific countries in a changing world: collection of articles. Vladivostok: Dalnauka, 2009. S. 378 – 386 (0,4 p. l).

9. Gvozdev R. V. Peculiarities of the arms complex of the Tungus-Manchurian and Nivkh in the XVIII—XIX centuries. / / Military Affairs in the Asia-Pacific region from ancient times to the early XX century: collection of scientific works. articles'. Vladivostok: Dalnauka, 2010. Vol. 1. S. 102 – 113 (0.6 p, l).

10. Bagrin E. A., Gvozdev, R. V., Prokopets S. D. defensive armament of countries of the Far East in XVII—XX centuries in the collections of the PGOM them. VK Arsenieva / / Military Affairs in the Asia-Pacific region from ancient times to the beginning of XX century: sat. articles'. Vladivostok: Dalnauka, 2010. Vol. 1. S. 257 – 279 (0.3 p, l).

11. Gvozdev R. V. Transformation of military training of Tungus-manchurians into physical culture and sport (based on the materials of the mid XIX—XX centuries)//Pacific time of Russia and the world: culture, history, politics. April 18-22, 2012 . C. 93-95 (0.2 PP.)

12. Nails. R. V. abstract of the thesis of "Traditional military knowledge of Tungus-Manchurian and Nivkh (in the middle of the XIX-XX centuries)" Vladivostok , 2012. 24 p. (1,3 p. l.)

13. Gvozdev R. V. Bow and arrow, Tungus-Manchurian and Nivkh: ways of training and application in the military // Military Affairs in the Asia-Pacific region from ancient times to the mid-XX century: sat scientific. articles'. Vladivostok: Publishing house of far Eastern Federal University, 2012. Vol. C. 191-210. - ISBN 978-5-7444-2841-9

14. Gvozdev R. V. Ethnic peculiarities of military knowledge expressed in the folklore of Tungus-Manchurian and Nivkhs // Pacific Russia in the inter-civilizational and all-Russian space: past, present, future (Seventh krushanov readings, 2011 / resp. edited by L. I. Galliamova. - Vladivostok: Dalnauka, 2013. - S. 609-614. - ISBN 978-5-8044-1412-3.

15. Gvozdev RV Traditional melee weapons in tunguso-Manchurian and Nivkh (based on mid–XIX-XX centuries) / / SiberianStudies (SAD) 2.4 ,2014. R. 63-79. (0.8 p. l.)

16. Gvozdev R. V. "Traditional military knowledge of Tungus-Manchu (materials of XVIII-XX centuries) "/ / international conference"problems of altaistics in interdisciplinary research". September 9-14, 2014. Vladivostok. S. 13 (R. Gvozdev Traditional Military Knowledge of Tungus-Manchu (on Materials of the 18th -20th ) // Altaic Studies in Interdisciplinary Research (PIAC), September 9-14, 2014. Vladivostok. P. 13) (0,1 p. l.)

17. Gvozdev R. V. "Cultural contacts of Tungus-Manchurian and paleo-Asians in the XVII-XIX centuries (on the material of the complex of traditional weapons)" at the 43rd annual session of IAE NDV of the do RAS.8-9 April 2014 / / Proceedings of the Institute of history and Ethnography of the peoples of the Far East Feb RAS. Vladivostok: iiae Feb RAS, 2014. P. 42-52 (0,5)

18. "Irrational in the traditional training of a warrior in Tungus-Manchurian (based on the materials of the mid XIX-XX centuries). // Proceedings of the XX international scientific conference "Culture of the Russian Far East Asia APR: East-West". 24-26 April 2014. Vladivostok: Dalnauka, 2014. Pp. 68-73 (0.3 p, l).

19. Gvozdev R. V. influence of civilizational factor on traditional physical culture of indigenous peoples of the Far East. // Slavic world in the context of the development of Pacific Russia and international relations in the Asia-Pacific region: Proceedings of the scientific-practical conference. Vladivostok, June 24 — 25, 2014 Vladivostok, iiae Feb RAS, 2015. — with. 141-151 (0.5 a.l.) ISBN 978-5-9906118-2-5

20. Prokopets S. D., Gvozdev R. V., Yakupov M. A. "appearance and distribution of plate helmet in the far East" //III international Congress of medieval archeology and Eurasian steppes: "between East and West: movement of cultures, technologies and empires". Vladi-Vostok, 2-6 may 2017 Vladivostok: Dalnauka. P. 227-230 ISBN 978-5-8044-1642-4 (0,3 p. L. is the total volume; 0.1 p l. – the volume R. V. Gvozdeva)

21. Gvozdev R. V. " Traditional culture and civilization: realities and prospects (by the example of indigenous peoples of the North of the Far East) // dialogue of cultures of Pacific Russia: interethnic, inter-group, interpersonal communications. Vladivostok: iiae Feb RAS, 2017. P. 65-71 (0,48 p. l.)

22. Gvozdev, V. R. "the Basic directions of trading activity of the Ainu people in the XVI – XIX centuries" // a Comprehensive study of island societies of the Pacific. Vol.2. Vladivostok: iiae Feb RAS, 2018. P. 42-50 (0.4 p. l.)
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