Hotel policies and safety guidelines

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Dear Faculty and Head Delegates:

Please take the time to review these hotel policies and guidelines with your group. We value your continued support of the New York Hilton and request your assistance in making the stay of all of our guests comfortable. After reviewing this document, please sign and return by fax (212) 261-5921 or e-mail as an indication that you have reviewed and understand these policies and guidelines. This completed form must accompany your rooming list in order to confirm hotel reservations.

  • For safety reasons, No congregating, sitting/lying down on the floor in the main lobby areas, near guest elevators, guest room hallways or other public spaces throughout the hotel.

  • Noise Complaint policy –New York Hilton Midtown has a three strike policy when it comes to noise complaints and disturbances. In consideration of other guests, it is the responsibility of the faculty / head delegates to prevent members of their delegation from making excessive noise in guest rooms and corridors.

First Incident - Security will issue a verbal warning

Second Incident - All non-registered guests will be asked to leave the room and a

fine of $100 will be assessed.

Third Incident - All registered parties of that room will be asked to vacate the hotel

and an additional fine of $100 will be assessed.

  • Items are not to be hung on the sprinkler heads. Sprinkler heads are not to be tampered with. Should the sprinkler head become activated a fine ranging between $500 - $5,000 (depending on damages) will be applicable.

  • The Hotel’s fire alarm system is tied in to the Fire Department of NYC and they will respond to each alarm. Fire extinguishers and pull station alarms are to be used for emergencies only. Should a fire station be activated by attendees in your group, a fine of up to $5,000 will be applicable. In addition, false alarms will be investigated as an issue of ill intent & will be handled by the NYC Police Department.

  • In New York it is illegal to drink alcoholic beverages if you are under the age of 21. It is also illegal to serve alcohol to anyone under the age of 21. Any infraction of this law will be dealt with by the NYC Police Department and may be followed by immediate eviction. Hotel policies do not permit alcohol to be brought onto the property or into guestrooms.

  • No more than four (4) guests are permitted to stay in a guest room. If more than four (4) guests are found sleeping in a room, the results may be dismissal from the hotel.

  • Please keep rooms tidy. Excess physical damage and trash will result in a cleaning fee billed directly to the individual group. Housekeeping will provide large trash bags for each room. If you do not wish to have daily housekeeping service, please place this bag outside your room once full so it may be taken away.

  • Any physical damage to hotel property, or removing of hotel property from guest rooms or any hotel area, is NOT acceptable.

  • No outside food or beverages may be brought into the hotel’s public space or food and beverage outlets.

  • The New York Hilton Midtown has a check out time of 12 noon. There are two (2) options available to your group should your departure be after 12 noon:

  • Option #1 - We may extend a complimentary 4:00pm late checkout for one room from each delegation and designate this room as the luggage holding room. You will receive a departure form at the front desk upon arrival which must be completed and returned by the noted deadline, in order to take advantage of option #1.

  • Option #2- If your delegation is too large for option #1, your Event Manager can assist in designating a public space, based on availability, for all of the luggage to be brought to.

  • If a Bag Pull is requested, all bags must be in the designated luggage holding room one hour prior to bag pull time. Please allow at least one hour between the time your luggage is to be picked up and the time your bus departs. (Luggage must be in holding room two hours prior to bus departure.) Please be advised that any bags not in the designated luggage holding room will not be picked up for delivery. Bag pulls may be requested via the departure form you will receive at the front desk.

Thank you for your cooperation and continued partnership with the New York Hilton. We look forward to welcoming your delegation to New York City for another successful NMUN Conference! Please contact me with any questions pertaining to your delegation’s hotel stay.

Kenna Wesolka

Senior Events Manager

New York Hilton Midtown

Tel: 212-261-5931

Fax: 212-261-5921

Please sign below as an indication that you will be the on-site faculty/ head delegate responsible for your delegation and have reviewed these Hotel Policies and Safety Guidelines with all members of your group:
School Name: ________________________________________________________________________________
Faculty/ Head Delegate Name: ___________________________________________________________________
On-Site Phone Number: _________________________________________________________________________
Signature: ______________________________________________________ Date: ________________
This completed form must accompany your rooming list in order to guarantee hotel reservations

fax (212) 261-5921 or e-mail

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