Hotel Single Room Rate

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Single Room Rate 

The State allows single occupancy rate only. If your receipt shows double occupancy, the State will only reimburse you for the single room rate. The full amount will be reimbursed if your documentation shows the single & double rate were the same; otherwise, deduct the difference.

Hotel Receipt
Make sure the itemized original hotel bill has a "0" balance. 
Attach credit card receipt or statement if it was an express check-out which has a balance on the bill. 

Phone Calls 
Personal phone calls and personal entertainment are not reimbursable items.
Business phone calls and business related computer dial-up access can be reimbursed only if they are marked "business related" on the hotel receipt. 

Parking fee needs to be listed under Other Expenses even if it is combined with hotel charges.

Travelers are allowed the following amounts for meals while traveling on official business.

Breakfast - $6.00

Lunch - $11.00
Dinner - $19.00


Actual portage paid shall not exceed $1 per bag and not to exceed $5 per incident. No receipt is required up to $5. Portage charges exceeding $5 per incident needs additional justification.

More Than $150 Room Rate/Day
When the single room rate exceeds $150 or more per night, a written justification explaining why a more economical room was not used is required. A comparison of other comparable hotel rates in the same area is also needed.

Lost Hotel Receipt
In the event a hotel receipt is lost and a duplicate cannot be provided by the hotel, the traveler shall provide certification that the receipt was lost. The certification must include detailed hotel charges, the dates and location of travel, the name of the hotel, and the city in which the traveler stayed.

The traveler is responsible for canceling hotel reservations when a trip is canceled or the dates change.  The traveler is personally liable for any charges or penalties resulting from failure to give proper notice of cancellation.

Shared Hotel Room 
The State will reimburse the traveler at the rate of single occupancy only, unless the room is shared with another traveler. When a hotel room is shared by multiple travelers on state business and the hotel bill is paid by one of the travelers, then the traveler paying the bill may request reimbursement for the total amount of the bill. 

When multiple travelers on state business have separate rooms and one traveler pays the hotel bill for all, then the traveler paying the hotel bill may request reimbursement for the total amount of the bill. The traveler whose hotel is being paid must state on their travel expense report "My hotel room was paid for by (Name)." If two travelers share a hotel room and split the bill, then each traveler may claim one-half of the hotel bill on their Travel Expense Report. 

In both of the above situations, each traveler shall provide an explanation of the circumstances on their Travel Expense Report and provide copies of the Travel Expense Report of the other traveler(s). If the traveler whose hotel bill is being paid is not filing a Travel Expense Report, then this person must provide a memo with a signed statement that their hotel room was paid for by (Name) and they are not filing a Travel Expense Report for this trip. This statement must be attached to the Travel Expense Report of the traveler paying the bill to allow reimbursement for the total amount of the hotel bill. 

Hotel Within 50 Miles of the Traveler’s Headquarters
A traveler may not be reimbursed for lodging for overnight stay within 50 miles of his/her headquarters or residence, unless the circumstances necessitating such overnight travel are fully explained by the traveler and approved by the agency head or designee. Criteria for approval shall include late night or early morning job responsibilities and excessive travel time because of traffic conditions. 

On June 10, 1998, the President delegated to the Provost/Executive Vice President, each Vice President, the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, the Associate Vice President for Government Relations, the Inspector General and the General Council the authority to approve travel related expenses which previously required agency head approval. Each accountable officer is required to obtain the appropriate delegated authorizing signature on the Travel Expense Report, when applicable.
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