Iridium two-stage access service – How does it work

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Iridium two-stage access service – How does it work?
The two-stage access platform (PSTN originated dialling) was developed to allow callers without PSTN access to Iridium the ability to call an Iridium subscriber.
On the Iridium activation form it can be indicated if the two-stage access functionality should be activated for the SIMcard.

PINs for the two-stage access platform are assigned by Customer Service and cannot be changed once assigned.

Making a call

  1. The calling party dials an Arizona USA number (+1.480.768.2500) that connects to Iridium’s two-stage access platform located in the Iridium Gateway.

  2. Using automated voice prompts, the calling party enters the Iridium subscriber’s number. (The voice prompts on this platform are in the English language only)

  3. The system will look the number up in the database to see if the subscriber’s number is restricted or unrestricted. If the subscriber has chosen to utilize the PIN option and the subscriber’s number is unrestricted, they will be prompted to enter a valid PIN and will be connected to that subscriber.

    1. If the subscriber’s number is restricted or an invalid PIN was entered, the call will not be connected.

    2. If the subscriber’s number is unrestricted and did not choose the PIN option, the call will be connected.


This service employs a hybrid Mobile Party Pays/Calling Party Pays (MPP/CPP) pricing model.

  • The calling party is charged long distance rates from the origination point to Iridium’s two-stage access platform in the USA Gateway.

  • The called party (Iridium subscriber) is charged the Iridium two-stage access tariff (PSTN-Iridium terminal) once the call is connected.

  • Both parties pay for the entire duration of the call.

  • If the Iridium subscriber has forwarded all calls to voice mail, both parties are still assessed charges as described above.

  • The same pricing rules (i.e. – billing in 20 second increments) will apply to the two-stage access PSTN-ISU MPP/CPP calls.

Originating party pays international call to USA

Iridium subscriber pays two-stage access tariff


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