Justify Your Attendance Thank you for your interest in attending the 22 nd

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Justify Your Attendance

Thank you for your interest in attending the 22nd Annual ANTSHE Conference, April 4-6, 2019 at the Embassy Suites and Convention in Orlando, FL. Many plans are already in place and things are shaping up to be a fantastic event filled with deep educational content along with topics that address many issues surrounding the adult learner and their success-all delivered by some of today’s most experienced leaders in education from across the country. We have received a request for a justification letter from some of our attendees. Below is a letter template you can use to help justify your attendance at the ANTSHE Conference 2019. Simply copy and paste the document into an email or word document and fill in the highlighted portions. This will outline the value that attending the ANTSHE Conference provides not just you as an academic professional or nontraditional student, but your entire college and/or university.

Subject: Request to Attend the ANTSHE Conference 2019

Dear [Decision Maker Name],

The ANTSHE Conference 2019 takes place April 4-6, at Embassy Suites and Convention, Orlando, FL. The Conference offers three full days of educational training from experienced leaders in higher education, and relevant sessions to provide resources and support for adult learners. It is widely regarded as a leading forum that brings together academic professionals, administrators, leaders in higher education, and nontraditional students. Therefore, I would like to request approval to attend, as I believe it will further develop my skills, learn success strategies, and build knowledge around innovative trends in higher education and shared best practices.

The Conference (http://www.myantshe.org/2019Conference) offers comprehensive, cutting-edge educational sessions presented by leading industry speakers.  It covers a number of critical issues and emerging concepts facing our nontraditional students and the organizations that support them.

If I attend I’ll receive:

•Over 24 hours of educational sessions. This year’s program includes session presentations touching on several important topics for us. There are over 60 sessions covering a wide variety of topics, for example: ---.

•I’ll also have the chance to understand the latest trends from industry leaders and guest speakers including board members from the Association for Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education.

•Approx. 8 hours of high level networking each of the three conference days, not counting lunches, dinners, and breaks. Throughout the course of the three days there’s time dedicated to networking, plus special events, so I’ll have a chance to raise our profile and develop our relationships and contacts.

•Access to key sponsors.  I’ll have access to product demonstrations and will have the opportunity for 1-to-1 face time with sponsors. 


The approximate investment for my attendance is as follows (complete the information as appropriate):

Travel costs                                                                    


Accommodation (3 nights at $XX.XX+tax/night*)                   


Meals (3 days at $XXX)  *Lunch Thurs/Fri/Sat, Dinner Thurs/Fri Included in conf. registration                                                 


Full Conference Pass (for 3 days)                                     


Total cost to attend:                                                         


 *The Conference has specially negotiated hotel rates for attendees at Embassy Suites and Convention for the convenience of attendees. †This registration rate is discounted providing I register before September 30, 2018.

Payback: Our ROI

I believe the insights learned by attending the ANTSHE Conference can help avert the failure of adult learners to succeed in reaching their educational goals. Success and retention rates for adult learners is at an all-time low according to NCES statistics. In addition, adult learners also referred to as nontraditional students, are now considered the traditional student because of the vast number of adult learners attending classes at colleges/universities across the country ** The cost of a Full Conference pass seems a small price to pay for actionable intelligence to help our college/university increase the retention and success of our adult learners.

When I return from the ANTSHE Conference, I will compile a short presentation covering speakers’ presentation notes, useful vendor product information, new contacts made and a proposal for implementing new ideas that will benefit our college/university. I will also make any Conference materials available to my colleagues.

To benefit from the current discount, I need to register before September 30th, so I appreciate a quick response. Thank you for your consideration.

[Add standard closure]

- See more at: http://www.myantshe.org/2019Conference

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