Location: New York, ny

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Position Title: Account Executive

Location: New York, NY

Status: Full Time Employee

Job Category: Sales/Product Development

Education/Skills/ Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree

  • Proficiency in PC operation, MS office and Excel

  • 2-3 years of sales experience in the fashion industry or related field (experience with trim solutions highly encouraged)

  • Strong understanding of product development

  • Ability to adapt and thrive in a high paced environment.

  • Team player with a strong focus on driving results

  • High level of presentation and organizational skills

  • Highly collaborative and team-oriented work style, with well-developed communication skills


Talon International is looking for a motivated and Account Executive to join our team. At Talon, we believe that design is in the details. From trims and tags to zippers, buttons and that hint of stretch in your collar, we're committed to moving the fashion industry forward with innovative design solutions that match form and functionality with ingenuity.

With a spirit of collaboration, we view our clients as partners in the design process, creating fully customized solutions for a wide variety of styles and products. We pride ourselves on our spirit of service, superior quality products and efficient delivery. Our responsive global sales, product development and fully integrated distribution channels all work together to fulfill our number one priority: creating excellent customer experiences. Talon's "hands-on" approach, long-standing senior industry relationships, skilled creative services team and end-to-end solutions allow us to create unparalleled value and flexibility for our customers.


Talon brand.

  • Demonstrate great energy, highly competitive spirit and the ability to spark excitement

and achieve sales results.

geared towards outcomes with key decision makers in a timely manner.

  • Spend time with customers face to face, sometimes outside of the office. Utilize Talon resources to build relationships beyond the office that separate you from the competition; you are

the person brands are excited to do business with!

quickly scheduling presentations that lead to sales.

  • Ability to leverage existing relationships with brand decision makers as well as key influencers

to grow business

  • Work closely and effectively with Talon’s overseas sales teams and operations groups to

execute production.

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