Ma3 Malmesbury-Tweekuylen

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Ma3 Malmesbury-Tweekuylen

Approximately 80 km – tarred and gravel road. RM indicates a Road Marker where the route changes direction. Please do not enter private property without permission from owners.

A major part of this route runs through the TweekuylenConcervancy and landowners are keen to receive visitors in the Conservancy if arranged beforehand. Please contact Linza Louw 082-559 6066 or Mia Louw 072-229 7432 to inform them of your intended visit – they will inform other landowners of your presence.

  1. Leave Malmesbury on the R315 towards Darling – turn off onto the gravel at RM R315-Rondevlei (S33°26.621 E18°37.535). Along the route LBJs may be abundant; be on the lookout for Cape Spurfowl in the rows of the vineyards and on utility masts for raptors. Pre-arrange with Jaco 083-269 3226 or Lizette 081-555 8156 to turn off to the large dam on the farm Elsana(S33°25.629' E18°37.289') where waterfowl and waders are abundant. Continue further NW along the gravel road after a visit to Elsana.

  2. Take the road to Spekulasie – N at RM Rondevlei-Spekulasie (S33°24.480' E18°35.151') and drive through the wheat fields. W of the road is a tract of undisturbed Renosterveld – look out for Southern Black Korhaan in this area. Breakfast, tea and light lunches can be served on prior arrangement with Linza Louw. Continue from here on an "optional" part of the route to Franki's Vineyards – in the farm yard is a seasonal pond where waterfowl are quite tame. Here one can visit a museum with a few classic cars from around 1970's and you can refresh on the patio of Franki’s Guest Lodge. (Erica Joubert0828883702). Retrace the route to Spekulasie and then turn NE towards Vyevlei. The route passes a seasonal pan with large numbers of waterfowl and waders – Black-winged Stilt, Pied Avocet, Common Greenshank, different plover species and even Greater Flamingo had been visiting.

  3. Continue to the Vyevlei farmyard and turn sharp right just past the first sheds in the yard - S33°22.279' E18°37.075' – and drive towards the large dam just south of the track. Waterfowl abound and Great Crested Grebe had been spotted here occasionally. Keep on the track towards the farm Rondomskrik and join the R45 tarred road at S33°22.336' E18°39.345'. Turn N onto the N7 and drive about 800 m to turn right to Rheeboksfontein. At the large dam waterfowl breeds in season and a pair of African Fish Eagles frequents the area. A juvenile Fish Eagle had been spotted after the 2012 breeding season. Return along the N7 to Malmesbury.

Birds: As with all the Swartland Routes LBJs will be in abundance along the route. Helmeted Guineafowl are abundant and other passerines may be observed all along the route. Waterfowl and waders frequents the water bodies along the route – especially in the wet season. Raptors include the buzzards, kites; with Black Harrier and African Fish Eagle as specials to be on the look out for.Secretarybirds and a great number of Blue Cranes are often seen.

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