Martin Investigative Services Offers usunite do-It-Yourself Search Website to find Family, Friends, Lovers and Deadbeat Dads newport beach, ca–

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Martin Investigative Services Offers USUNITE Do-It-Yourself Search Website to find Family, Friends, Lovers and Deadbeat Dads

NEWPORT BEACH, CA–(March 24, 2014)Martin Investigative Services, Inc.(MIS), a leading private investigation firm, offers a website as a free resource to help people find almost anyone – from lost relatives, friends and lovers to deadbeat dads.
“About 80 percent of the U.S. population is looking for someone be it a relative, friend, service buddy, old flames, classmates,” said Thomas G. Martin, founder and president of Martin Investigative Services, Inc. “There can be many reasons for a missing person -- family feuds, problems with drugs or alcohol, loss of work or mental issues often separate people, and then there are deadbeat dads trying to hide out.”
A common request that the company gets is to find people who purposely go missing. Women are trying to locate the father of their children, a deadbeat Dad who has skipped out and does not want to pay child support.
The company performs thousands of successful locate cases. Many times people just use a simple search on Facebook or Google search. MIS believes users can have a 50 percent chance of finding people they are seeking on their own, with time, patience and the knowledge of where to conduct the search, which is what is all about.
"In this information age we assume almost anything we want to know is available online, and that all records are online or in a database. This is simply not the case. There is no single resource," said Martin.
USUNITE enables a search by name, state, addresses and phone numbers on Zabasearch, with no required registration. Next USUNITE offers 123poople which enables users to search by name, providing grouped results in distinct areas such as phone numbers, photos, email addresses, blogs or social posts, news items, web links and more. Some results are free, others not. USUNITE also features Pipl, allowing users to search by name and city, resulting in data from public and commercial databases and social media sites with results on low cost paid services. The site also offers Zoominfo, an aggregate database of employment and company information, and USUNITE also links to Facebook and other social media sites to aid in the search.
For the 49 percent who are not able to find their subject, the next step is a professional private investigator. 1 percent simply are not in mainstream America and will never be found.
If someone uses the resources on the USUNITE website at, and cannot find the person they are searching for they may also call 1-888-US-UNITE. MIS offers a free consultation and a no risk 100 percent money-back guarantee if the firm cannot find the missing person. Once a customer decides to hire the firm, MIS charges a flat rate of $350.
Martin’s firm asks for name, date of birth, and last known address, and social security number if available, to get started. The more information that can be provided to the investigators, the better. It usually only takes MIS about 15 to 20 minutes, on average, to locate the missing person, and the company touts having the highest success rate in the industry for finding missing persons. Martin and his company’s former federal agents have compiled one of the largest databases of public information in the United States, and they use it to find people regardless of how long they have been out of touch.

About Martin Investigative Services, Inc. (

Martin Investigative Services has been in business for 30 plus years, and provides full-service private and corporate investigation services, bug sweeps, background checks, fraud investigation, finding missing persons and surveillance services.

President Thomas G. Martin, a former supervisory federal agent and one of America’s most respected private investigators, is called upon as an expert in the media regularly. His high profile clients include numerous entertainment and sports celebrities and major corporations throughout the U.S. The cases he has solved include everything from corporate espionage and theft to drug cases, cheating spouses and child abduction.
Headquartered in Newport Beach with offices in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Mission Viejo, California, Martin’s corporate security and private investigation firm operates a network of former DEA, FBI, IRS and Secret Service agents. For more information, please call 1-800-588-1080 or visit
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