Name: Paul Dudley

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Name: Paul Dudley

6.02 Content Questions

1. Name three visual features of your homepage.

A. Color
B. Wallpaper
C. Image/graphics

2. Name three ways color is misused.

A. Too much color
B. Enough to enhance, but not enough to distract
C. The amount, or tone, of the color does not fit the mood of the site

3. What color should text be on a dark background? Any light color

4. What do you need to consider with dark backgrounds and light text? The text may not print

5. True or False. Any color text is readable on wallpaper backgrounds. False

6. True or False. Picture backgrounds are inappropriate for text. True

7. What do you need to consider when selecting graphics? If it matches the mood of the page.

8. In which direction do pictures need to face on your web page? Forward

9. Which type of image background will work with any type of page background? Slightly embossed patterns make very tasteful, rich looking pages.

10. Circle the correct statement below.

Large images can be sized smaller without distortion.  Correct

Small images can be stretched larger without distortion.
11.What are the two major Windows fonts?
A. Times New Roman

B. Arial


12. What are TrueType fonts? Capitals

13. What are GIF? One of several formats used to present images over the Internet. It is limited to 256 colors and was developed by CompuServe.

14. What are JPEG? Pronounced JAY PEG. A file format used for images. It is best used for photographs and pictures with lots of different colors. JPEGs can display 16 million colors.
15.  Which format is better for images that contain more than 256 colors? JPEG


16. Which format takes up less file space? GIF

17. Which format supports animation? GIF

18. What is an applet? Programs written in JavaScript to add action and glitz to a website.

19. Name three different form fields.


20.  What are thumbnails? Programs written in JavaScript to add action and glitz to a website.


21.  Define Anti-aliasing. A technique for diminishing/smoothing edges of a pixilated graphic--removing the jaggies or stairstep-likeliness.
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