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Was Darwin Wrong?”

1. According to the article was Darwin wrong? Yes or No
2. In science, what is a THEORY?

3. Besides evolutionary theory, list two other “theories”

4. What does Harvn Yahya, author of The Evolution Deceit, call the theory of evolution?

5. As of a 2001 survey:

What percent of Americans believe only in God? _______

What percent of Americans believe in God and Darwin’s evolution? ______

What percent of Americans believe in no God, only evolution? __________
6. How have these percents changed over the last 20 years?

7. Is there evidence to support evolution? Yes or No

8. What idea did Jean-Baptist Lamark have?

9. What idea did Alfred Wallace have?

10. According to the photo caption on page 8, what was Darwin’s favorite metaphor?

11. What is anagenesis?

12. What school did Darwin attend? ________________ What was his original area of study? ______________

13. How many years did Darwin spend collecting evidence before he published his results?
14. Define the term agnostic.

15. What was the name of Darwin’s book?

16. List and define the 4 categories of evidence that support evolution.

17. What was the name of the boat Darwin traveled on? ______________________

18. Which category of evidence was the “very soul” of evidence for Darwin?

19. What does the number of shared characteristics between species tell us?

20. Who founded the system of taxonomic classification? When was it founded?

21. What is a homologue?

22. In addition to the those categories already listed, what other categories of proof do we now have (list the four mentioned on page 20)

23. Was Darwin wrong about some of his more minor hypothesis? Yes or No

24. What is the name of Douglas Futuyma’s book?
25. What percent of the mouse genome’s 30,000 genes have direct counterparts in humans?

26. Why do many medical studies use mice?

27. What species is our closest living relative?

28. What makes some disease causing microbes so dangerous to large numbers of people and thus so difficult and expensive to treat?

29. Why did new drugs have to be created after the initial success of penicillin (i.e. why didn’t penicillin stay effective)?

30. How much money is spent on antibiotics in the USA each year? ____________
31. Why are “multiple drug cocktails” used to treat H.I.V.?
32. Can we see evolution in action? Can it be observed in the wild? Can it be measured in the laboratory?

33. How many generations of Escherichia coli (E. coli) did Richard Lenski track in order to observe its evolution?

34. What is speciation?

35. The process of speciation is spread across thousands of generations, yet it may finish abruptly, similar to a __________________________________ when the last critical changes occur.
36. What trait of Philip Gingerich does the author find most valuable?

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