Open At 7: 03 pm, Chair Crosby recognized the presence of a quorum and called the meeting to order. Minutes

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Conservation Commission

December 10, 2009

Present: Chair Brad Crosby, Vice Chair John Earley, Wayne Elliott, and Brian Mokler

Lindley Kinerk and Katy Wells; Alternate.


At 7:03 pm, Chair Crosby recognized the presence of a quorum and called the meeting to order.


Chair Crosby made a motion to approve the minutes of November 5, 2009, 2nd by Wayne Elliott, corrections were noted, and all were in favor.

Lindley would like it noted that the vote taken on the Potter easement at the 11/5/09 meeting she did not vote, and there fore should reflect a “nay”

Old Business

Lots for Sale

Chair Crosby reported that he spoke to Rob Jutton, the money has been paid from the sale, and the deeds are done.

Virginia Hutton Trail

Chair and Vice Chair reported they put up signs on the trail and Chair Crosby signed the invoice for $122.40, includes all parts and one extra sign. Lindley made a motion to have Chair Crosby present the invoice for the signs and posts for the Virginia Hutton Trail to the Town Treasurer for payment out of the maintenance non-lapsing fund, 2nd by Wayne Elliott all were in favor.

Swain Update-Steve & Brad

Chair Crosby spoke to Steve Ober and this is still moving forward.

Possible Easement-Dion’s Property

The Commission met with the Dion’s to discuss the appraisal report from Mr. Lamprey. A brief discussion of what may be offered (85k) was used as an example. The Commission recommended that the Dion’s explore the possibilities with their accountant to get a number for negotiation and come back in January for further discussion.

Earth Day

Discussion for ideas and plans with start in January.

Budget request

Wayne Elliott made a motion to authorize Katy Wells to present the 2010-2011 Conservation Commission budget to the BOS and Budget Committee on behalf of the Commission, 2nd by Chair Brad Crosby all were in favor.

Katy will prepare the budget and present it.

New Business

Chair Crosby spoke to Jack Potter and thanked him for the easement. Chair would like a volunteer to write an article about the farm, easement, solar use and the bed & breakfast on the Potter’s property. Katy volunteered to contact the Potter’s, get information, and write something for the Citizen, Echo and Laconia Sun for publication.

Brian, John and Steve met with the Swain’s regarding an easement, John handed out the notes he took from the meeting. John felt the discussion was positive and the notes were placed with the notes of tonight’s meeting information for future reference.

Lindley and Wayne reported that they attended the annual meeting and conference for the NH Conservation Commission Association. Lindley reported the workshop she attended was about evasive species that are filling our woods, trees, plants etc Lindley was thinking this was a possibility for a reference for our Earth Day planning.

Katy announced the 2010 meeting schedule that will be posted.


Katy discussed the email that she had intercepted from Mr. Bill Whalen. Chair Crosby stated he would contact Mr. Whalen directly with a response.

Chair Crosby stated that Lisa Morin was looking for the Conservation Commission’s top 3 natural resource concerns for Sanbornton. The Commission decided they are 1. Open Space, 2. Clean Water and 3. Evasive species. Katy will send an email to Lisa.

Chair Crosby reviewed a memo received from the town treasurer, stating the grant money was received for the maintenance work on the Virginia Hutton Trail, for $610. The work is all done and paid for.

Chair Crosby reviewed the Notice of Decision from the ZBA, re case #446 Joe Plonski and the meeting minutes from that meeting of the ZBA.


Wayne Elliott made a motion to adjourn at 8:55pm, 2nd by John Earley all were in favor.
Respectfully submitted

Katy Wells; Secretary and Alternate Member

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