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Clark Archibald
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Linda Laird
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Karen Duffy
Mike Duffy
Brian Duffy
Kevin Long
Steven Perunovich
Sean Dutra
Michael Ricci
Cathy Ruf
Ed Bullock
Ryan Van Praet
Doreen DiMeglio
Judy Pratt
Michael Keim
Barbara Altemus
April Colescott
Gabe Fiscus
Ken Fanelli
Larry O'Connell
Caryn De Filippo
Jennifer Brady
Diego Avalos
Megan Knepper
Brian Kochanek
Paul Nowicki
Ron Salmon
Barry Conrad
Christopher Demers
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Marty Peterson
Jack Keenan
Dennis Joyce
Rob Duguay
John Plumley
Kimberly Magee
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Greetings Blazeman Warriors and Friends!
The past month has been a busy one...we had six runners in the Boston Marathon...Kristine, Mark, Matt, Paul, Mike and Gareth. Thanks to you all for a marathon well done...and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves.
Bob and I recently returned from St. Anthony's Triathlon in St. Petersburg...a two day expo in 80 plus degree temps and the sun did shine. We met a lot of very nice people including Gunnar Anderson who joined the Blazeman team that very day we met and rolled across the finish on race day! Welcome aboard Gunnar!!
Philip LaHaye and team could not have welcomed us more. Bob and I along with Suzanne and Brad scattered Jon's ashes at the finish the night before the race. The following morning, Cece and Dean Cosgrove scattered the ashes before the start of the pro swim...as always very emotional for Bob and I. Of note Dean has completed the Kona Ironman nineteen times and was there when Jon raced in 2005.
Jennifer, Jason and Anna attended the Greater Hartford 1/4 Marathon on April 4th, a race that has benefited the Blazeman Foundation for the past 2 years... this year over 400 runners participated.
On April 25th we also had several warriors at the Scott Carlson race...thanks Matt, Mark, Paul, Mike and Adam...the pictures from Mike showed a great turnout and the weather could not have been better. The Blazeman Foundation was a supporter for this race that raises money for the RI ALSA Chapter.
May marks the second anniversary of Jon's passing on the 27th. Along with that May is National ALS month...May continues to be a difficult month for Bob and I and we are grateful for all the support we have received over these past two years from you all. If the spirit moves you please call out FREEDOM for Jon on the 27th!
Our next events are Eagleman and Rev3 Triathlons in early June and we hope to see some of you at these events. We shall tell you about the winner of the Blazeman Spirit Award at Eagleman in the next newsletter. In the meanwhile as always keep the emails and pictures coming!


Mary Ann Blais
Jon's Mom
Blazeman Foundation for ALS

ALS WarriorPoet Angel Has Passed...
On May 4th, Claire Gormley Collier, age 46-a mother and friend of Jon's-lost her battle to ALS. Clare had this disease for more than five years. She, like Jon, would say, "she fought the good fight."

Each September at the Westchester Triathlon athletes
would ride up "Claire's climb" named in her honor. She and Jon were on that hill together in their chairs in 2006.
Claire was a wonderful mom and active in creating awareness and raising funds for research. She has left behind three children, a devoted husband and several siblings.
We shall never forget you Claire and your friendship.

May is a difficult month for us...Jon was diagnosed on May 2nd, 2005 and passed away May27th, 2007. In those 2yrs and 25 days he did everything he possibly could do to raise awareness and funds for ALS. Now Claire Gormley Collier has also passed away on May 4th, 2009. They both have left their mark on this disease, a disease that no one should have to face. ALS is not a disease of reckless behavior or poor choice of lifestyle...everyone I have met with this disease have a commonality of goodness...I often wonder why.
Again as I have asked before...on May 27th at 8:30PM EST if the spirit moves you ...call out for FREEDOM for our fallen ALSWARRIORPOETS...

Check out the Blazeman e-store!
Polos, Fleece, Pullovers, Hats and more! And be sure to check out the NEW long-sleeve t-shirts!

Here, you can purchase various items to show your support of the Foundation and warriors will be able to order additional uniforms at their registration level (coming soon).

Shop now, click here!

A Flag for Freedom
On May 18, we opened a package in the mail from
Blazeman Warrior MSgt, USAF Rodney Ward. In that package, was a flag that was flown over Iraq on 28 Jan, 2009 in our honor. It flew on a KC-135R tanker, Python 20, during a combat refueling mission by dedicated members of the USAF and represents our commitment to the Global War on Terror.
The Blais family, on May 27th at 8:35PM EST will fly this flag from our flagpole in honor of Jon and all the PALS that have fought the WARONALS...Let all who look upon it see a symbol of freedom and a promise to remember those who died of ALS.  FREEDOM FROM ALS!!!!!
Thank you Rodney for this wonderful gift to celebrate the life of Jon..."We will not tire; we will not falter; we will not fail....Freedom will Prevail"

Blazeman Foundation for ALS-PALS Memorial Bracelet

During the Vietnam War, simple metal bands were created and engraved with the name of a Prisoner of War or soldier Missing in Action and the date he was lost. The bracelet was worn with the vow that it would not be removed until the day that the soldier's real status was determined or that he returned home...

With the same caring, unity, and fortitude, we have created the Blazeman Foundation for ALS Memorial Bracelet. Etched in titanium, the design of the bracelet reflects your willingness to be a voice in the War on ALS; a BLAZEMAN WARRIOR. In strength, honor and freedom you will wear this bracelet... in a loved one's memory, in honor of PALS (People with ALS) in your life, to help raise awareness and find a cure...so others may live.  "FREEDOM from ALS"

A generous portion of each purchase of a BLAZEMAN WARRIOR bracelet is returned to the Blazeman Foundation to support the War on ALS.

Wear your bracelet with the vow that it will not be removed until the day there is a cure for ALS.

Start the 2009 season off right. Buy yours today! Click here!


Photo Gallery

This month...a few photos from the archives. But the 2009 season has just begun! Please keep sending your photos! We love hearing your stories and seeing you in action!

Cece and Dean Cosgrove at St. Anthony's spreading of Jon's ashes at swim start.

Rodney Ward racing with #179 at St. Anthony's.

Rodney Ward and Ken Fanelli at St Anthony's.

Boston Marathon Boys (back row) Mike Hicks, Matt Lagor, Paul Serafini, Mike Mathers and Mark Searles (front Row)

On May 2, 2005, twenty-year Multi-Sport veteran Jon Blais a.k.a. "Blazeman" at age 33 was diagnosed with the fatal motor neuron disease ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). Blazeman dubbed himself the "ALS Warrior Poet" and brought his battle to the big island of Hawaii on October 15th that year, where he became the first person with ALS to complete the Ironman World Championships. It was his last race. In 2006, a number of athletes, inspired by Jon's 2005 efforts, rolled across the finish line in Hawaii in honor of Jon and his battle against ALS. In 2007, the Blazeman Foundation for ALS expanded Team Blazeman, comprised of "Blazeman Warriors" who have committed to raising awareness and funding a search for a cure for ALS..."So  Others May Live."

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