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This bibliography is in alphabetical order (last name). For more than one paper from the same author(es), I ranked from the more recent to the older (I know it is not the standard approach). Unfortunately, some important papers are outside of this bibliography, in many cases because I don’t find out them in the Rio de Janeiro libraries. In other cases because the literature on real options and related fields grows too fast. However, mote than 2000 references are available below.

The file was divided into two separated bibliographies:
(a) the first one, “financial/economics” (~ 2000 items), comprises real options (including real options in petroleum), financial options, others from financial economics theory and corporate/industrial economics (CAPM, game theory, etc), some textbooks (mainly about finance and economics, but including mathematics and softwares); and
(b) the other one is specific to petroleum papers (except real and financial options in petroleum), and was named “petroleum specific” (about 150 items), and includes petroleum economic papers (reserves market, game theory applied to petroleum leases, economics from fields development, and so on) and some petroleum technical papers (reserves definitions, fractal approach to reserve estimates, equipment with technical flexibility, and so on).
The main papers are in the first section, but some important papers are in the second one (for example, some papers from R. Pindyck, R. Solow, M.Miller, Stiglitz, Hotteling, and so on). There are few papers in Portuguese (see Dias, and D’Almeida et al, but ~98% are in English). I have eleven papers in English (see “Dias”, “Dias & Rocha”, “Dias & Beltrão”, “Dias & Oliveira”, “Caetano & Dias”, D’Almeida et al., and “Garcia et al”), which four are in the second bibliography.

Marco A.G. Dias


Last Update: 12/03/2003 11:33:00 PM

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