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PAUL MITSUO KUROSE 1430 37th Avenue/Seattle, WA 98122 (206) 325-0863 home/(206) 351-6466 cell


10/2001 Washington State Principal’s Certificate/Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA

8/1997 Washington State Teaching Certificate:

Mathematics with supplementary authorization in Physics

1989,1991 P.I.S.C.E.S. Program (Promoting Interest in Science Curriculum for Elementary and Secondary Students)/University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Completed 20 upper division Physics quarter credits

5/1985 Master of Arts in Mathematics/University of California, Berkeley, CA

Graduate Level Coursework included

  • Mathematics (24 quarter credits)

  • Industrial Engineering (22.5 quarter credits)

  • Statistics (14 quarter credits)

  • Applied Mathematics for Physical Sciences and Engineering (18 quarter credits)

6/1979 Bachelor of Science with distinction in Mathematics/University of Washington, Seattle, WA

  • Mathematics (62 quarter credits/24 honors)

  • Physics (17 quarter credits/12 honors)


Classroom Instruction

  • Over twenty years combined teaching at the high school and community college levels in subjects ranging from basic mathematics through calculus, statistics and physics.

  • Incorporating technology into the teaching and learning of mathematics and physics, including teaching computer-based courses in basic mathematics through college algebra

  • Teaching mathematics and physics in University sponsored outreach programs for gifted, highly-motivated, college bound under-represented minority and urban school students.

  • Teaching a broad spectrum of students from diverse socio-economic, cultural and academic backgrounds.

Staff Development and Training

  • Conducted workshop presentations for new community college faculty on “Multicultural Awareness in the Classroom” and “Creating Conditions for ALL Students to Excel in Education.”

  • Conducted a workshop presentation for the University of Washington State GEAR-UP Project Summer Institute for Educators on “Preparing ALL Students for Success in College Level Mathematics.”

  • Coached a team of high school mathematics teachers as part of GEAR-UP Project Summer Institute in the development of strategies to raise student achievement in mathematics with a particular focus on the goal of eliminating the racial achievement gap.

  • Designed and conducted staff development training for middle school and high school mathematics teachers.

  • Conducted teacher workshops on integrated mathematics and science projects, graphing calculators, cooperative groups and student mathematics portfolios.

  • Advised the mathematics faculty on the development of curriculum, assessment and instructional strategies for the University of Washington State GEAR-UP Project summer Honors Academy.

  • Participated in planning and conducting a series of all-day teacher in-service training workshops for middle school mathematics teachers.


  • Supervised and evaluated Seattle Youth Employment Program summer high-school academic program instructors.

  • Participated on the Franklin High School Transformation Team as a mathematics consultant.

  • Coordinated and participated in the hiring processes of classified and certificated school employees.

  • Convened and chaired Franklin High School staff and budget committee meetings.

  • Developed mathematics department master programs designed to support academic achievement for all students.

  • Worked with Parents of African American Students, a Franklin High School parent group, to develop strategies to reduce the racial achievement gap in mathematics.

  • Conducted teacher observations and evaluations, performed pre-conferences and post-conferences identifying expectations, recognizing excellence and providing constructive feedback and coaching.


8/2006 – Project Director: North Seattle Community College, Seattle, WA

Present Directed a one-year planning grant initiating and supporting cross-sector teacher collaboration between Seattle Community College District mathematics instructors and Seattle Public Schools mathematics teachers resulting in the successful application for an additional year of funding for the project. In the second year as Project Director, continuing to provide leadership to collaborative development and implementation of efforts to reduce the need for remedial mathematics courses for high school graduates entering the community college system.
9/2003 – Mathematics Instructor (Tenure Track): North Seattle Community College, Seattle, WA

Present Teaching Basic Mathematics through Calculus and Statistics courses to community college students. Teaching computer based and on-line courses in Basic Mathematics through College Algebra and Statistics.

6/2005 – Certified Instructor: Seattle Youth Employment Program, Seattle, WA

8/2007 Supervised and assisted summer high-school academic program instructors on developing

(summers) curriculum, planning instruction and classroom management. Worked with program staff on developing and implementing systems to increase the effectiveness efforts aimed at raising student academic achievement.

6/2004 – Leadership Institute Facilitator: Center for Educational Leadership-University of

8/2004 Washington, Seattle, WA

Facilitated work/planning sessions for teams of administrators and teams of administrators and teachers as part of two week-long Summer Leadership Institutes conducted by the Center for Educational Leadership.

9/2002 – Mathematics Instructor (pt): Seattle Central Community College, Seattle, WA

6/2003 Taught Basic Mathematics Skills and Algebra courses to community college students with a history of difficulty in learning mathematics.

Mathematics Teacher: Rainier Beach High School, Seattle, WA

Taught Pre-Algebra and Algebra using the College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM) curriculum. Collaborated with other members of the mathematics department on lesson planning, program design and strategies to raise overall achievement and to reduce the achievement gap between students of color and white students.

10/2001 – Assistant Principal (Interim Position): Meany Middle School, Seattle, WA

6/2002 Coordinated and participated in staff development, assisted teachers in planning curriculum and classroom management, and conducted teacher observations and evaluations. Led planning and decision making processes including hiring staff and new program development.

9/1997 – Mathematics Teacher/Department Chair: Franklin High School, Seattle, WA

10/2001 Provided department leadership in restructuring the curricula to eliminate non-college prep tracks, coordinated staff development and advised teachers on curriculum and instruction. Attended District-wide Mathematics Department Chair and School leadership team meetings. Taught Pre-Calculus, Integrated Mathematics and Pre-Integrated Mathematics and coordinated a mathematics tutoring program involving both student and staff tutors.

6/1995 – Textbook Writing Project Coordinator and Principal Author

8/1997 Oakland Unified School District, Oakland, CA

Led a team of six teachers in writing a new mathematics textbook, Introduction to Higher Mathematics Concepts, for the Oakland Unified School District. Convened meetings of district mathematics teachers to solicit input on the curriculum. Coordinated the writing of District-wide core assessments for the course and conducted staff development workshops to train teachers on the implementation of the new curriculum.
9/1996 – Mathematics Teacher/Department Chair

6/1997 Oakland Technical High School, Oakland, CA

Coordinated projects to support reforms in mathematics education, developed department master programs and worked to increase collaboration between teachers. Participated in the pre-engineering and health academies, taught Pre-Algebra, Geometry, and Advanced Algebra Trigonometry and served as a master teacher.

8/1994 – ACCESS Program Mathematics Coordinator

6/1996 Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley, CA

Developed supplementary curriculum materials and coordinated the writing of district-wide core assessments for Oakland Unified School District secondary mathematics courses. Met with mathematics teachers and school and district administrators to assist in the implementation of the district core curriculum, modeled lessons for teachers and provided additional in-class support. Planned and conducted staff development workshops on various topics including the integration of mathematics and science, classroom management, cooperative learning, and the use of graphing calculators. Wrote and participated in the implementation of various curriculum and staff development grants.
1/1987 – Mathematics and Physics Teacher: Castlemont High School, Oakland, CA

6/1994 Taught Mathematics (Pre-Algebra through Pre-Calculus) and Physics, sponsored the Mathematics/Engineering/Science Achievement (MESA) club, developed curriculum for the Computer Technology Academy and served as Mathematics Department Chair (9/93 – 6/94).


  • GEAR-UP Honors Academy Mathematics Teacher consultant: 6/2005 – 8/2005

  • North Seattle Community College New Faculty Orientation Presenter on Multi-Cultural Awareness in the Classroom - Creating Conditions for ALL Students to Excel in Education: 9/2004, 9/2005

  • University of Washington State GEAR-UP Project Educator team coach: 7/2005, 1/2006

  • Franklin High School Transformation Team Member: 9/2004 – 6/2005

  • Allen School of the Arts and Applied Technology, Consultant: 10/2001 – 6/2002

  • Franklin High School Leadership Team: 1/1998 – 1/2000 (Faculty President: 1/1999 – 1/2000)

  • Presidential Grants for Teacher Research Review Committee, Univ. of CA, Berkeley: 1997 – 1999

  • Bay Area Science & Technology Education Collaborative, Univ. of CA, Berkeley, CA: 9/1994 – 6/1996

  • Urban Education Class Guest Speaker, Univ. of CA, Berkeley, CA: 9/1994 – 6/1996

  • Equity 2000 Research Committee, Oakland Unified School District, CA: 10/1996 – 5/1997


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