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Platform for X-Smiles

  • Researcher

  • Helsinki University of Technology




  • Introduction

  • Overview of the platform

    • Operating system
    • Java Runtime Environment
  • Conclusions


  • What is platform?

    • In the literary sense “A raised surface”
    • In the technical sense “Underlying hardware and/or software for a system”
  • We emphasize on the software

  • X-Smiles uses “Java”, hence for executing byte code JRE is required within the platform

Overview of the platform

Overview of the platform (contd..)

  • Java Runtime Environment:

    • Kaffe’s ‘clean-room’ implementation is used
    • For graphical applications, rendering is done using framebuffer
    • Framebuffer provides the high level abstraction of the graphics h/w
    • Vesafb is the framebuffer driver for the Intel architecture, which supports VESA2.0 compliant graphics hardware.
    • 8bpp to 24bpp and 640x480 1600x1200


  • With a working prototype system, the next step is to ‘tweak’ it to achieve better performance

    • Have native decoders for video rendering
    • Currently used JRE does not provide the much needed functionality to support all of the features of the browser
    • Memory foot print and processor load is still under scrutiny

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presentations -> Certain trade names and company products are mentioned in the text or identified. In no case does such identification imply recommendation or endorsement by the National Institute of Standards and Technology
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Yüklə 462 b.

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