Post Beginner Education Schooling Worksheet 9: Yuki’s story

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Post Beginner Education Schooling Worksheet 9: Yuki’s story


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Worksheet 9: Yuki’s story
Read the story and answer the questions.
Schooling in Japan
I spent my primary school days in a small town in Japan over thirty years ago.
My school was a two-storey wooden building and it had a big playground with a lot of sports equipment. I think the school had more rules than schools in Australia.
There were more than forty children in each class and there were five or six classes in each school year level, so it was quite a large school. We had boys and girls at the school.
In the classroom everyone sat at a desk. At the front of the classroom there was a blackboard. The teacher used to show us how to write in Japanese on the blackboard.
We used to have homework every day and every morning we had a writing test in Japanese. We studied a lot of different subjects and we played many sports and games.
For me, my primary school days were a lot of fun. I have happy memories of that time in my life and I still occasionally see some of my classmates.


Which of these topics does Yuki talk about?

the playground

 high school

 school meals

the size of the classes

 school uniforms

 the classrooms

English lessons

 her best friend


How long ago did she go to primary school?


Was it an all - girl school or was it co-educational?


Do you think these statements are True or False?

  1. Discipline was strict in Yuki’s school.

 True

 False

  1. Yuki didn’t do much work in primary school.

 True

 False

  1. Yuki hated primary school.

 True

 False

  1. Yuki still regularly sees her friends from her class.

 True

 False


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