Press Release For immediate release new lanark mill hotel in the top 10 – again !!

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Press Release

For immediate release


Good Hotel Guide Recognises Local Hotel.
After their recent Top 10 success in the VOW Awards New Lanark has done it again. New Lanark Mill Hotel has made it into the leading hotel guide in the country. In most hotel guides you can buy your way onto the pages. In this guide guests have to vote for each entry. With the Good Hotel Guide you have to be nominated and then inspected. Only by passing these strictest tests can a hotel appear in the guide.

According to the London Times newspaper, which broke the story, this is one of the best reference guides you can buy. It has a reputation for unassailable independence and integrity. There were 10 new hotels in Scotland included in the latest edition. New Lanark has made it into the Top 10 again.

The comment in the Good Hotel Guide was,
The Hotel lives up to its situation…..The décor is light, simple, modern; the spacious bedrooms have good views……Staff were helpful and friendly. ‘No problem’ seemed to be the response to any request….There are excellent dishes by French chef Raymond Baudon, using local Scottish ingredients in the spirit of the ‘Auld Alliance’.

Michael Ward, the Hotel General Manager said, “What fantastic recognition for the hotel and for the staff. It is especially good for the staff. They really deserve it, and they are all people from our own local community. It is really great to see them receiving such deserved praise from such a guide. We are building a fine reputation for excellence of service. We already have a location that is as unique as it is beautiful. It is even more pleasing when the recognition comes from a source as prestigious as the Good Hotel Guide”.

Developments for 2006 include a new Leisure Centre, including a pool, and a roof garden exhibition. Since these are all within the historic World Heritage Site they are among the most daring and adventurous developments of their type in the world.


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