Profile synchronization

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Profile synchronization

  • Profile synchronization

    • Existing products limited in scope
    • Online booking tool systems only work from that one product to the GDS
    • Add/delete/modify labor intensive

Marketing efforts were cumbersome

  • Marketing efforts were cumbersome

    • Customer information scattered in several databases
    • Manual updates
    • No way to target market
    • Took too long

Profile information (GDS & MS Access)

  • Profile information (GDS & MS Access)

  • Mailing list

  • Email list

  • Clientbase (Virtuoso)

  • Globalware (travel history)

Never realized how many clients we booked travel for who never had a profile built.

  • Never realized how many clients we booked travel for who never had a profile built.

    • Used to rely on the traveler or travel arranger to fill out a profile form, which didn’t always happen.
    • Now the agent fills out information as they do the booking.
  • Phone number lookups let us tie inbound call information to specific corporate accounts and travelers.

Inbound data from:

  • Inbound data from:

    • Agents
    • Clients (via website)
    • HR data feeds
    • Rearden Commerce
    • Globalware

Central source of client information

  • Central source of client information

  • Consistent data

  • Agents can focus on customer service

    • Easier searches, including across offices
    • “Book me in that hotel I stayed in 3 months ago”
  • Marketing has unprecedented access to data for target marketing (interests, travel spend, etc.)

Operations can be proactive

  • Operations can be proactive

  • Labor savings (let the client do the typing)

  • Speed to market

    • We can communicate with and market to our customers more quickly and appropriately
    • We can roll out new corporate customers faster

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