Reading Vocabulary Exercises May 6, 2011 Exercise #1

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Reading Vocabulary Exercises May 6, 2011
Exercise #1

Copy each root and meaning. Next, write a word you know that uses that root.

  1. Pais, Paidos G. child or boy

  2. Sum, Esse, Fui, Futurum L. to be

  3. Morior, Mori, Mortuum L. to die

  4. Nascor, Nasci, Natum L. to be born

Exercise #2

Copy each word and definition.

  1. pedagogue—n. teacher

  2. pedant—n. a person who pays excessive attention to learning rules rather than understanding; a scholarly show-off

  3. entity—n. something that has a real or independent existence

  4. essence—n. the basic element; a substance in concentrated form obtained from a plant or drug; a perfume

  5. moribund—adj. about to die or end

  6. mortify—v. to shame; to discipline oneself by denial

  7. postmortem—n. an examination to determine the cause of death; an autopsy; an analysis of something that is over.

  8. innate—adj. possessed at birth; inborn

  9. naïve—adj. childlike; unsophisticated

  10. nascent—adj. emerging; coming into existence

Exercise #3
For each word, write a sentence that shows the meaning clearly (consider context clues and other strategies to show meaning). You may not use your notes. You will be graded for accuracy.

  1. pedagogue

  2. pedant

  3. entity

  4. essence

  5. moribund

  6. mortify

  7. postmortem

  8. innate

  9. naïve

  10. nascent

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