Russell T. Vawter4, (Richard3, John2, Bartholomew1)

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Russell T. Vawter4, (Richard3, John2, Bartholomew1)
Russell T. Vawter, son of Richard Vawter and Frances Towles, was born 22 Jun 1755 in Culpeper Co., VA. In Richard’s will 1 Mar 1803 - 24 Mar 1803, Book I, p. 386, Madison Co., VA 1793-1800- Item, It is my will and desire that my two sons John Vawter and Russel Vawter be satisfied with the part of my estate I have already given them.

The Towles family had migrated from Middlesex (Essex) county by 1737 and Richard, his father, left Essex in about 1745 for Orange Co., VA. Orange was divided into Culpeper in 1752 and then into Madison in 1792. Russell left Madison Co., VA by 1795 for North Carolina with his wife and family.

Book- Marriage of some Virginia Residents 1607-1800 Vol. II pub. 1986 By Dorothy Ford Wulfeck p. 130 Russell m. bef. 1784, Mary Sparks, dau. of Thomas Sparks and Mary Towles who m. (2) James Smith. Mary Sparks who was born 12 Sept 1757 in Culpeper Co.

(Mary (Towles) Sparks -mother of Mary, and Frances Towles- mother of Russell were sisters, so they were related on their mother's side of the family.)

A descendant of Russell’s through Beverly is Mrs. W. H. Black, quite elderly but alive in the 1920’s who sent information from an old family Bible over 100 years old at that time to William Snyder Vawter who was updating the Grace Vawter Bicknell book “The Vawter Family in America” pub. In 1905, Hollenbeck Press, Indianapolis, IN. She states she copied the material from the Bible. See Beverly Vawter below for additional material.

She states” Russell and Mary Spark were parents name of Nancy Vawter that in a notation in the Bible that Nancy married H. Rigg. And she was about 27 years old when she died. That the Bible was more than 100 years old. She lists the following:

Russell Vawter b. 22 Jun 1755 in VA and Mary Sparks b. 17 Sep 1757 were married 25 Jul 1779, died 18 Jan 1828 is listed, since Russell’s adm. of estate is found in 1841, we assume this to be the date of Mary’s death.

John Vawter b. 1 Apr 1780

Peggy Vawter b. 11 Apr 1781

Betty Vawter b. 24 Apr 1782

Beverly Vawter b. 22 Sep 1783

Nancy Vawter b. 17 Mar 1786

Bradford Vawter b. 26 July 1788

(GJ Note: she does not list Chadwell, Joseph Early, Mary (Polly), and Peachy all born after 1788. We do not know if this was the original Bible of Mary Sparks or copied into another’s Bible)

Culpeper Co., VA Will Book C. dated 17 Oct 1785. An account report of Russell Vawter (?), guardian of Fanny Towles. (relationship unknown)
Culpeper Co., VA Will Book C (1783-1791) give the will of Thomas Sparks.

Dated 10 Dec 1784. Proven 19 Feb 1787.

Legatees: Wife Mary (Towles) Sparks. Humphrey Sparks, John Sparks, James Kilby, Russell Vawter, Henry Sparks, Jacob Aylor, "after my wife's deceased or second marriage the land and plantation I now live on." " At wife's decease or second marriage equally divided among all my children namely John, Ann, Humphrey, Lucy, Henry, Thomas, Mary and Frankey".

Executor: Henry Hill

Codicil, dated 30 Dec 1785

Executors: Wife Mary Sparks, Adam Snider.

Wit.: Thomas Ward, Patty (X) Ward, George Head.

Sent by Craig Kilby, the children of Thomas Sparks and Mary Towles (d/o StokelyTowles) married as follows:

  1. John Sparks m. Phoebe Smith

  2. Nancy Ann Sparks m. Jarvis Smith (Jarvis Smith is the only son-in-law who is not named in will of Thomas Sparks of 1784)

  3. Humphrey Sparks m. Milly Nalle, d/o Martin & Isabelle Nalle, 8 children, one of whom was Peachy Sparks who m. John Kilby s/o of James Kilby and Lucy Sparks, #4 below.

  4. Lucy Sparks m. James Kilby

  5. Henry Sparks m. Lucy Clark

  6. Thomas Sparks of Kentucky.

  7. Mary "Polly" Sparks, m. Russell Vawter

  8. Frances "Franky" Sparks m. Jacob Aylor, 9 children viz: Aaron, Merry, Ephraim, Thomas, Elzy, Nancy, Mary, Rhoda and Martin Aylor.

Jacob Aylor was left land in the will of Thomas Sparks, as were James Kilby and Russell Vawter.

The Clark v. Towles suit in Madison County names these defendants as above.The Nalle genealogy also does not name the children of Martin and Isaballe Nalle as listed in Clark v. Towles. Their children were named in the deposition of Joseph Jones, at the house of Madison Sparks in Owen Co., KY, 1 SEP 1845.
1787 Census of VA Culpeper Co. shows Russill Vawter 00026 - Meaning 2 horses, 6 cattle; and Richard Vawter 00033, 3 horses, 3 cattle (Not tithable). GJNote:Richard was probably too old for taxation by this time.
Book Deed Abstracts of Madison County, VA 1793-1904 Book 1,2,3. By Ruth & Sam Sparacio, 1986. P. 21. Indenture pp. 189-191 17 Jan 1795 bet. Russell Vawter and Mary, his wife and Jacob Bungar of county of Orange.. for £100… sell 100 acr. … on branches of deep run…line of Thomas Sparks, decd., corner to Jacob Aylor…Jesse Wilhoit’s line.. Wit. Jno. Hinshaw, H. Hill. Recorded 26 Feb 1795.
From the NC Archives in Raleigh, NC.

List of Taxables 1790-1810

1795 Russell Vawter No land 1 white poll

1796 Russell Vawter 75 A 1 white poll

1797 Russell Vawter 192 A 1 white poll

1798 Russell Vawter 192 A 1 white poll

1800 Russell Vawter 192 A 2 white polls

1801 Russell Vawter 192 A 2 white polls

1802 Russell Vawter 214 A 2 white polls

1803 Russell Vawter 214 A 1 white poll

1804 Russell Vawter 214 A 3 white polls

1805 Russell Vawter 214 A 3 white polls

1806 Russell Vawter 164 A no poll

1807 Russell Vawter 250 A 1 white poll

1808 Russell Vawter 200 A no poll

1809 Russell Vawter 227 A no poll

Stokes Co., NC Deeds

1801, BK 4 p6, Russell Vawter to Henry Irion

1805, BK 4 p520, Russell Vawter to John Vawter (50A)

1806 John Vawter, Jr 50 A 1 white poll (son of Russell)

1807 John Vawter 50 A 1 white poll

1808 John Vawter, Jr 50 A 1 white poll (son of Russell)

1809 John Vawter 50 A 1 white poll
John Vawter shown with 50A above would be John M., oldest son of Russell. John Vawter, brother of Russell, is seen starting 1790 and made no sales after 1808, when he removed to GA, but there are numerous Vawter transactions through 1875. From 1857 to 1875 no recorded deed sales are found. Names of buyers and sellers were Russell, and Bradford, Chadwell, Reuben G., John M., Bradford & wife, George, (all sons of Russell), Elizabeth, John’s heirs (son of Russell). John’s Exec. 1854-57.
Records from the NC State Archives shown that Russell Vawter and his descendants were in the Stokes County, NC area for several generations. Some information supplied by Sally Poland, genealogist from Raleigh, North Carolina in 1985.

Early tax records of Stokes Co., NC indicate the arrival of Russell Vawter sometime in about 1795, which matches with the above sale of land in VA.

1799- Russell Vawter - Purchase of 100 acres of land.

1800 Federal Census Stokes Co., NC Russell Vawter

1803 Russell is listed as the Excr of the estate of Jonathan Vernon 18 Oct 1803. John Vawter his brother married to Joanna Vernon, dau. of Richard Vernon. John Vawter is listed as a witness.
Stokes County NC Court Minutes 1803 - 1806.

Sep 1803 Russell Vawter called on Jury

Sep 1805 Russell Vawter called on Jury

Dec 1805 Court, Russell Vawter proves deed of sale from Jesse George to Geo. Taylor.

(GJNote: 22 Mar 1801 deed from Jesse George to John George proven by John Vawter)

Mar 1806 Russell Vawter qualified as Justice of the Peace.

Jun 1807 Russell Vawter one of the Justices present for the taking of the bond and the qualification of the Sheriff.
1810 Head of Household Manufacturers Census, Stokes Co., NC listed as Pussell Vaughter
1841 - Russell T. Vawter - Estate Papers, no Will. Adm: Chadwell Vawter. Stokes Co., NC.
Some of the children of Russell are seen in the 1840 census, married with families.

SOUTHFORK DISTRICT 1840 Stokes Co., NC Census.

Code: to 5, 5-10, 10-15, 16-20, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50-60, 60-70, 70-80, 80-90, 90-100, 100+.

167 1 Vaughter Chadwell 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 - 0 0 0 2 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0

167 5 Vaughter George S 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 - 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

167 9 Vaughter Bradford 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 - 0 1 0 2 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0

199 31 Vawter John M 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 - 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Children of Russell T. and Mary (Sparks) Vawter

1. John M. Vawter b. 1 Apr 1780 Culpeper Co., VA. will dated 28 May 1844 Forsyth Co., NC. Married to Elizabeth (nee?) b. ca 1781 NC d. aft 1850 NC.
John M. was likely married ca 1805 when Russell gave him 50A of land.

Stokes Co., NC Deeds 1805, BK 4 p520, Russell Vawter to John Vawter (50A)

1806 John Vawter, Jr 50 A 1 white poll (son of Russell)

1807 John Vawter 50 A 1 white poll “

1808 John Vawter, Jr 50 A 1 white poll (son of Russell)

1809 John Vawter 50 A 1 white poll “

1810 census Stokes Co., NC, manufacturers Head of Household, John Vaughter

SOUTHFORK DISTRICT 1840 Stokes Co., NC Census.

199 31 Vawter John M 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 - 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

1 male 20-30, 1 male 30-40, 1 male 60-70, 1 female to 5, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 30-40

(Where Elizabeth is in this census is unknown as she is alive in 1850 census)
Census 1850 NC Stokes Co., Beaver Island District P.157, 12th day of Dec 1850

Family# 1221/1258 Vawter Elizabeth 69 F 500 NC

Fagg Elizabeth 15 F Indiana

Fagg Sarah J 14 F Indiana

(These are the children of daughter Tabitha)
28 May 1844, will of John Vawter “advanced in years”. June Term 1844. Wife Elizabeth, all estate during her natural life. Son James M. $5000 and furniture, granddaughters Mary E. and Sarah Fagg, $150.00. Children James M., Eliza Scales and Elizabeth Lasley, estate at death of wife. Executors Thomas M. Scales and Wm. A. Mitchell. Witnesses, Solomon Hardy, B. Richardson and Michael (x) Powers. Signed John Vawter
Children of Russell Vawter and Mary Sparks:

a. John Russell Vawter d. ca 1843 Switzerland Co., IN. Moved to IN ca 1838 as found in the Vawter Family In America, by Grace Vawter Bicknell, Indianapolis, IN pub. 1905. (Deceased prior to father’s will and not mentioned)

1850 US Census Switzerland Co., IN (not proven to be connected to this family)

John Vauter age 21 (b. ca 1829) IA, living with Arthur Humphry and Catharine Humphry

b. James Madison Vawter b. ca 1809/10 Stokes Co., NC. Will dated 2 Feb 1872 Tipton Co., IN. Married Irena Rail b. ca 1819/20 NC. They moved to Switzerland Co., IN about 1838 and to Tipton Co., IN about 1848. Buried in the Vawter Family Cemetery, Prairie Twp., Tipton Co., IN, located on the homestead farm. S1/2 of the SE ¼ of the NW ¼ of Sec. 8 Twp. 22N Range 3E.

1850 Federal Census Tipton, IN Family #230

Vawter Jas M. 40 M Farmer 500 N.C

Vawter Je*****a 31 F N.C. *Ink is smeared

Vawter John 10 M Ind

Vawter James 8 M Ind

Vawter Samuel 6 M Ind

Vawter Thomas 4 M Ind

Vawter Elizabeth 3 F Ind

Vawter Mary A. 10/12 F Ind

1860 Census of Tipton Co., #1216 Prairie Twp. Dated 25 Jul 1860 lists

John M. Vawter 51 and wife Irenea 41,

John R 20, James M. 18, Samuel 17, Thomas P 15, Wm. W 5, Elizabeth 13, Mary 11, Sarah 7.
Tipton Co., IN Will Records 1847-1913 Books A, 2 & 3 by Ruth M. Slevin p. 139.

Vawter, James M. Bk 2 pp. 46-49. Dtd 2 Feb 1872 Rec 27 Apr 1872. Wife: Irena Vawter. Daus: Elizabeth, Sarah & Mary Ann. Sons: James M., John R., Thomas P., Samuel & William W. No executors, wit. Thomas M. Scales and Peter Duncan.

c. Tabitha Vawter d. bef. 1840 IN (not mentioned in father’s will) m. 28 Sep 1834 in Stokes Co., NC to Charles Richard Fagg. Stokes Co., NC marriage record shows Tabberty Vawter and Chas. Richard Fagg, Bond William (Willie) Ward. Richard and family moved to IN ca 1838 but Richard returned to NC after Tabitha’s death, where he enumerated with John M. in the 1840 census. By the 1850 Stokes Co. census shows the 2 daughters with their grandmother Elizabeth Vawter. Richard is likely deceased by 1850.
Found in Heritage of Stokes Co., NC, Vol. II 1990 by Stokes Co., Historical Society, submitted by Fred Eggleston. Family #216 Daniel Fagg.

Daniel Fagg came to Stokes from Rockingham Co. in the 1820s. He was b. Charles Co., Maryland ca 1782. Moved with father Charles Fagg to Spotsylvania Co., VA. Bound by indenture to his uncle John Fagg in 1799 for carpenter's trade. Came with John Fagg to Albemarle Co., VA and m. Polly Johnson in 1805. Served with local military unit during War of 1812. Afterwards joined his father Charles who had moved to Rockingham Co., VA about 1804. Before 1830 Daniel moved to Beaver Island distr. in Stokes and lived past 80 years. Following the death of his first wife, he married Matilda (Vernon) Gunter, dau. of Richard Vernon of Rockingham Co., in 1835.

Children: (among others)

Charles Richard Fagg m. Tabitha Vawter dau. of John and Elizabeth Vawter in 1834 and listed in taxes of Beaver Island in 1838. They had 2 dau. Elizabeth b. ca 1835 and Sarah Jane b. ca 1836 d. by 1856. They lived for a time in IN.

d. Elizabeth Z. Vawter b. ca 1819 NC m. Menoah (Menoch) Lashley b. ca 1819 NC, parents Joseph and Nancy (Gentry) Lashley.

Stokes County, North Carolina Marriage Bonds, Part 1. Genealogical Society of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, 1942-1943. (FHL microfilm 422159).
p.178 Lasley, Menoch Elizabeth Z. Vanters 27 Nov. 1841 John E. Lasley, bondsman (w) J. Hill

Beverly Sparks Vawter, son of Chadwell, married Harriet Jane Lasley, father Joseph Lasley and mother Nancy Gentry. Nancy (Gentry) Lashley is seen with this family in 1850 and would indicate Joseph is deceased by this time.

1850 Stokes Co., NC Census

Family #1170/1205 Lastley Menoah 31 M Farmer 700 NC

Lastley Elizabeth 31 F NC

Lastley Eliza A 6 F NC

Lastley Sarah E 4 F NC

Lastley John W 3 M NC

Lastley Nancy 57 F 1,000 NC

Lastley Ivy W 14 M NC

(GJNote: This is Nancy (Gentry) Lashley and IVA her son seen in 1860 and not Ivy, as it is noted he is a male)
1860 Stokes Co., NC Census Family #371, No other Lasleys found in 1860 Stokes Co.

Lasley IVA. W. 23 M FARMER 575 225

Lasley Bettie 23 F

Lasley John 3 M

e. Elisa Vawter b. ca 1807 Stokes Co., NC d. IN. Marriage record Stokes Co. NC, 12 Oct 1835 Thomas M. Scales to Elisa Vawter. Bondsmen Ebenezer W. Ward and Willie Ward. They migrated to IN ca 1854 where brother, James Madison Vawter, located. Thomas M. Scales is shown as witness to the will of James in Tipton Co., IN in 1872.

1840 NC census shows 1 male age 5 or under and 1 female age 5 or under and parents.

1850 Census Stokes Co., NC Family # 1164/1198

Scales Thomas M 43 M Farmer 540 NC

Scales Eliza 30 F NC

Scales Sarah 13 F NC

Scales John R 11 M NC

Scales Elizabeth 8 F NC

Scales Samuel 6 M NC

Scales Joseph 3 M NC

Scales Eliza C 1 F NC d. 6 Oct 1853, age 4 yrs 6 mo 13ds. Bur. Liberty Cemetery, Tipton Co., IN
1860 US Census Prairie, Tipton Co., IN

Thomas Scoles (Scales) age 53 b. NC

Eliza Scoles age 55 b. NC

John Scoles age 20 b. NC

Elizabeth Scoles age 18 b. NC

J. Samuel M. Scoles age 16 b. NC

Joseph W. Scoles age 12 b. NC

Martha Scoles age 6 b. IN

1870 US Census Prairie, Tipton Co., IN #156

Thomas M. Scales age 63

Eliza Scales age 63 Buried Liberty Cemetery, Tipton Co., IN Row 13, plot 7

Elizabeth Scales age 27

William Scales age 24

Martha Scales age 16

1880 US Census Prairie, Tipton Co., IN #286

Thomas M. Scales age 72 b. NC

William Scales age 32 son b. NC

Mary J. Scales age 25 dau in law b. IN

Family #287

David A Thatcher age 24

Martha Thatcher age 26 wife b. IN

Indiana Marriage Collection Bk5, page 199

Martha Scales to David A. Thatcher 22 Nov 1879 Tipton Co., IN
Joseph W. Scales m. Mary Jane (nee?)

Buried in Liberty Cemetery, row 16 plot 25 (one headstone)

John P. Scales b. 8 Jul 1893 d. 29 Aug 1894

Stephen P. Scales b. 13 Jan 1890 d. 5 May 1897

Frederick Scales b. 13 Mar 1896 d 16 Sep 1896
Buried Liberty Cemetery, Tipton Co., IN Row 16, plot 26 (one headstone)

Joseph Scales 1881 – 1925

Morrow: Robert 1873 -1943 and Druzilla 1879- 1941
Buried in Liberty Cemetery Mary Jane Scales (no dates)
1910 US Census Prairie, Tipton Co., IN

Joseph W. Scales (sr) age 61

Denicelle Scales age 25 dau

Vina Scales age 20 dau

Joseph W. Scales (jr) age 24 son
1920 US Census Prairie, Tipton Co., IN

Joseph W. Scales age 72 b. NC widow owns home

Drusie Scales age 36

Joseph Scales age 35

2. Peggy Vawter b. 11 Apr 1781 according to the old Bible records, no more is known.
3. Elizabeth “Betty” Vawter b. 24 Apr 1782 Culpeper Co., VA.

There is an Elizabeth Vawter shown in the 1810 Manufacturer’s census of Stokes Co., NC as a head of household. No marriage is found for this Elizabeth. No proof is offered and no other material is found.

4. Beverly Vawter b. 22 Sep 1783 Culpeper Co., VA d. 21 Apr 1845 in Macomb, IL m. 12 Dec 1806 Stokes Co., NC to Elizabeth Hutchins. Marriage record Stokes Co., NC bondsman John Hutchens. Elizabeth b. 28 Dec 1788. Settled at Marrow Bone, Cumberland, KY and sold out ca 1836 and went to Macomb, IL.

A tremendous amount of research on this line has been done by Joe and Rebecca McKee email They have completed much of their IL and NC Vawter lines.

1810 Stokes Co., NC Manufacturers census, Beverly Vaughter shown as Head of Household.
Beverly served in the War of 1812, Beverly Vauters 4th reg. (Greenhill’s) VA militia - Private.

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