Russia 100419 Basic Political Developments

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Russia 100419

Basic Political Developments

  • Itar-Tass: Over 400 flights cancelled in Russia after Eyjafjallajokull eruption - A total of 411 flights have been cancelled and 77 more delayed in Russia’s airports as of 09:00 Moscow time on Monday after the eruption of a volcano on the Eyjafjallajokull Glacier in Iceland, which began last Wednesday, a source in the Russian Air Transport Agency told Ita-Tass.

  • Vedomosti: Putin instructed to return stranded passengers to Europe by train and bus

  • A cloud of volcanic ash had reached the Yenisei

  • RIA: Computer virus traps over 2,000 tourists on Russian-Chinese border

  • RIA: Uzbek president heads to Moscow for talks with Medvedev - Uzbek President Islam Karimov will pay a two-day official visit to Russia, which will begin on Monday, an Uzbek presidential spokesman has said.

  • RFE/RL: Sarkisian, Medvedev To Meet In Moscow - A one-sentence statement issued by the presidential press office did not specify which issues will be on the agenda of the "short working visit" scheduled for April 20. The Kremlin also gave no details in a separate statement about the trip.

  • Ryabkov: Russia calls for diplomatic solution to Iranian nuclear issue

  • Moscow Times: Russia Prods Iran at Tehran-Hosted Nuclear Disarmament Conference

  • Press TV: China, Russia 'keen on IP pipeline' - A senior Iranian oil official says Russian and Chinese companies are keen to participate in a pipeline to carry Iran's natural gas to Pakistan.
    RUVR: Poland’s acting president to attend V-Day celebrations in Moscow

  • RFE/RL: Russia, Poland Probe Possible Reconciliation After Kaczynski Death

  • Azerbaijan-Stavropol business forum to be held in Baku

  • Moscow Times: RusAl Strike in Guinea Ends

  • RIA: Large-scale military exhibition opens in Malaysia - More than 700 companies from over 30 countries are taking part in the exhibition. Russia, a major arms producer, is also involved, with its participation organized by state technology corporation Rostekhnologii. The country will expose more than 260 military products, including elements of the Smerch multiple rocket launcher - a fighting vehicle and a transporter loader, during the exhibition.

  • Asiaone News: Malaysians to fully man Sukhois - By September, operations at the Royal Malaysian Air Force base here are expected to be an all-Malaysian affair. Gone will be the 50-odd Russian and Indian technical crew, engineering officers and instructor pilots following the end of their two-year service tenure.

  • Telegraph: Nato 'to invite Russia to join in building missile defence roof for Europe'

  • Moscow Patriarch may meet Georgian Catolicos in Azerbaijan - Caucasus Muslims Department reports that they have already agreed to take part in the world summit of religious leaders to be held in Baku on 26-27 April 2010.
    Georgian Times: PACE rapporteurs visit Moscow - Matyas Eorsi and David Wilshire from the Monitoring Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) have arrived in Moscow to hold meetings with Russian authorities there.


    • Komsomolskaya Pravda: In Bishkek, Russian pogroms began

    • RIA: Pogroms began outside Bishkek, the crowd entered the capital of Kyrgyzstan

    • Directors of customs, financial police and railway appointed

    • The supporters of Bakiev organized protests in Jalal-Abad

    • Nikolay Bordyuzha: I can swear on Quran, Russia is not interested in the undermining situation in Kyrgyzstan

    • Interfax: Head of ousted leader’s secretariat placed under house arrest – reports

    • Janish Bakiyev: I will not surrender to the interim government

    • NA “” creates new column “Constitution-2010”

    • Moscow Times: Kremlin Pulls PR Coup After Kyrgyz Revolution

    • Russia Profile Weekly Experts Panel: Is Russia Behind Regime Change In Kyrgyzstan?

  • New Europe: Central Asia: Potential for trouble and then some

  • RIA: Bomb detonated in car of Ingush deputy Interior Minister

  • The vehicle of the republican Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs exploded in Ingushetia

  • In Nazran, a car blew up the deputy interior minister of Ingushetia: two injured

  • Interfax: Courts in Ingushetia do not punish corrupt properly - Evkurov

  • Itar-Tass: Putin to award winners of the Best Doctor of the Year contest

  • RIA: Russia may play crucial role in Arctic protection - expert

  • RIA: Remembrance train to visit WWII battlefields ahead of Victory Day

  • Sakhalin mayor arrested for beating an old woman, who too slowly opened the door for him

  • RBC: No special Internet law for Russia

  • Moscow Times: Protesters Face Tougher Law

  • Moscow Times: Corrupt Police Officers Face Tougher Penalties

  • The State Duma has ordered a new web site for 6.9 million RUR

  • Moscow authorities will spend 45 million rubles for the dispersal of clouds on May 9

  • Komsomolskaya Pravda: Khabarovsk Cossacks are combined into a single army

  • Moscow Times: Today in Vedomosti

    • Editorial: People Are Learning to Live Without the State

    • Matviyenko Speaks Out Against ‘Mutilating’ Russia’s Cities

  • Russia Today: 19 April, 2010 in Russian Newspapers

    • Vedomosti: Whose grip is stronger?

  • Russia Today: Adoption of HIV-positive orphans on the rise

  • GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs: Moscow Ascending: How Turkey's New Axis With Russia Affects US Interests

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