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Validation Tool 

Automate validation and testing

The straton software validation tool is designed for OEMs that want 

to automate the validation of the straton instruction set, create test 

applications and automate non-regression testing in order to identify 

changes that impact behavior.

The validation can be done in the integrated simulation tool 

in the straton Editor or connected through TCP/IP or serial 

line with the real hardware platform.


For each test program, the validation tool automatically:


Creates a new project using the straton database


Declares variables, programs and fills programs content


Compiles using the straton compiler


Connects to the runtime and downloads the project using 

the straton networking interface


Forces values and checks results using the straton 

networking interface

The  test  stops  after  the  first  error.  The  tool  provides  a 

complete listing of:


All test programs in ST format


All test cases and results

The tool can be run with various compiling options. Some 

tests can be unchecked if some data types/features are not 

implemented in the runtime.


Running test projects enables automatic functional testing at 

the application level. 

The tool automatically runs a set of test projects prepared 

with the straton Editor. Each test project contains logic 

to be tested plus some extra programs to check the result, 

written with IEC languages. Input for the test tool is simply a 

collection of straton projects exported in XML form. This tool 

is particularly efficient for non-regression tests.

OEMs can prepare their own test projects and add them to 

the  collection.  Such  projects  may  include  testing  of  OEM-

specific features and hardware.

The validation tools generate a report for any test project, 

that can be used for checking non regression for real life use 




Automatic testing of applications


More than 300 individual tests


Global test projects


Validation of a new IEC61131-3 device

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