'Thank you for visiting my giving page for our project to Lesbos, Greece with gaiN!

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'Thank you for visiting my giving page for our project to Lesbos, Greece with GAiN!
Moria refugee camp in Lesbos, Greece was built at the height of the refugee crisis in 2015 as a temporary measure, designed to accommodate 2000. Over 6000 people live there now, including families, prohibited from leaving due to an overwhelmed asylum system. Accommodation is flimsy tents and sanitation is poor. People are disheartened and frustrated, some have been in the camp for two years waiting for an answer. 
We will be partnering with local organisations working in the Moria refugee camp alongside the government and UNHCR to provide additional supplies and care to families who have found themselves in an unexpected temporary home. We will be managing the shelter for new-arrivals and be providing non-food relief items and hopefully, a friendly face to encourage. 
Global Aid Network (GAiN) has been working alongside local partners in Greece to provide basic supplies for clothing and hygiene as well as a listening ear so that they know they are not alone. It is our hope that through the time we spend in the camps we can help to bring hope and joy to the women and children who are especially affected. 
Any donations you are able to contribute will be a real encouragement that you are joining with us in helping to change lives, even as our own lives are changed.
Would you consider donating £20 towards the project?
A donation of £50 will fund a morning in the camps.
The project is being run by Agapé with our humanitarian partner Global Aid Network (GAiN). GAiN is a Christian relief and development network providing unconditional humanitarian aid. Find out more about GAiN at www.globalaidnetwork.org.uk'

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