The wmo sand and Dust Storm Warning System: The wmo sand and Dust Storm Warning System

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The WMO Sand and Dust Storm Warning System:

SDS Impacts

  • Human Health

  • (Asthma, infections, Meningitis in Africa, Valley Fever in the America’s)

  • Aviation ( air disasters)

  • Ground Transportation

  • Improved Weather and Seasonal Climate Prediction

  • Agriculture (negative & positive impacts)

  • Marine productivity

Health Impacts

Transcontinental Transport of Micro-organisms

Impacts on Agriculture

  • A Chinese farmer walks amid a heavy sand storm in Minqin County, northwest of China's Gansu Province April 10, 2006. A strong sandstorm hit northwest China on Monday, killing one person in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and compelling dozens of trains to halt for for safety reasons. 330,000-ton sand fell on Beijing. Sand covered about one-eighth of China from April 14 to 18 and about 330,000 tons of sand fell in Beijing on Sunday night.

A WMO Sand and Dust Storm SDS Warning System

  • WWRP Sand and Dust Storm Project Initiated in 2005

  • ~45 WMO Members are involved

  • ~12 research or operational forecasts are available

  • 2006 Shanghai SDS group resolved to focus on global coordination led by WMO.

Objective Of The WMO SDSWS

  • To enhance the ability of participating countries to establish and improve systems for forecasting and warning to suppress the impact of SDS

  • By

  • Establishing a coordinated global network of SDS forecasting centers delivering products useful to a wide range of users in understanding and reducing the impacts of SDS

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