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Our home
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Theme : Our home


  1. My home

  2. Describing my home

  3. My parent's bedroom

  4. My room and other

My home

I would like to tell you about the house where I live together with my family. It’s a modern building and it is twelve storeys high. Our apartment is on the top floor, so we use an elevator to get there. I should say that the apartment is quite spacious but at the same time cosy.

Describing my home

The flat has got three rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. The living-room is the largest one with a sofa, wall units and two big comfortable armchairs in it. There is also a small coffee table between the armchairs. The floor is covered with a soft carpet. It’s the room where our family and friends get together. We usually watch TV there, play games or just chat and rest.

My parents’ bedroom

My parents’ bedroom is much smaller. There is a double bed with bedside cabinets and a wardrobe in the room. And, surely, it’s important to mention a dressing table with a mirror where my mom spends some time every morning putting make up and getting dressed.

My room

I must say I’m lucky to have my own room. The most necessary things for me there are my computer and DVD-player which I use most. There is also a bed, a wardrobe and a bookcase where I keep my textbooks and other important stuff.


The last place to describe is the kitchen. It’s very light and comfortable with a beautiful dining set in it. We meet there quite often when having breakfast or dinner. We’ve got a TV in the kitchen, so it’s like a real room.


We have all modern conveniences in our apartment such as gas, central heating, hot and cold running water. We also have modern electric appliances: a microwave, a washing machine, a vacuum-cleaner and others.


In conclusion, I want to say that I adore my apartment. Wherever you are it’s always pleasant to come back home where you can feel the atmosphere of love, friendship and understanding. That is why my home is my castle.
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