Thomas the Swan Gets Second Chance After Accident a young swan has had a lucky escape after being hit by a train in Somerset

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News release
11th January 2018
Thomas the Swan Gets Second Chance After Accident
A young swan has had a lucky escape after being hit by a train in Somerset.
Thomas was given a second chance for the New Year when he was rescued from the railway line between Taunton and Bridgwater. He was brought in to Secret World Wildlife Rescue in East Huntspill and is recovering well.
Secret World received a call about a distressed swan on the railway tracks on 2nd January and volunteer response driver Graeme Thompson headed to the scene, where he found Thomas sitting beside the track on the grass verge.
Graeme had to wait for a rail engineer to come from Bristol before he could get to the swan, but shortly after he arrived Thomas moved from the embankment into a nearby garden.
Working with the home owner, Graeme managed to get into the garden and rescue Thomas. He was brought into Secret World Wildlife Rescue in Highbridge where he was found to have a bruise to his carpel joint. After treatment he is recovering well and will be released as soon as he is ready.
Laura Benfield, Head of Animal Care Services, said: “Thanks to Graeme this story has a happy ending and Thomas is doing well. He is resting at our centre and as soon as he is strong enough he will be released.
“Graeme has had training in rescuing swans and was well prepared to attend this emergency call. If any member of the public sees a swan in distress we urge them not to approach it, but to call us for advice.”
In 2017 Secret World treated 72 swans, all suffering from various injuries. These included Solo the cygnet who lost his entire family in an accident, and Serendipity who was found alone in the middle of a road.
Secret World provides a 365-days a year service to rescue sick, injured or orphaned wildlife. Members of the public who would like advice on how to look after wild animals or would like to report injured wildlife should call 01278 783 250.
Photo: Graeme Thompson with Thomas the swan.
Notes to editors:

  • Secret World Wildlife Rescue is one of the South West’s leading wildlife rescue charities (charity number 1097119) based in East Huntspill in Somerset.

  • Now in its 25th year, Secret World Wildlife Rescue cares for more than 5,000 sick, injured and orphaned animals each year.

  • As well as being a respected source of expertise and a centre of excellence where British wildlife receives the best care, Secret World has an extensive volunteer programme and engages with schools to promote respect for wildlife and the environment, adding further benefits to the local community.

  • As Secret World does not receive any government funding, it relies entirely on the generosity of supporters and donors to carry out this important work for British wildlife.

  • The charity’s website is

For media information please contact:
Samantha Hannay

Head of External Relations

Secret World Wildlife Rescue

01278 786703

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