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Questions by DePauw with Lyric Doshi (Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School), Miguel Ruiz and Jason Zuffranieri (Arizona State), and Brock Stephenson (Simon Fraser U.)

Antoine Fuqua’s feature film debut, it features Mira Sorvino and the English language debut of its other star. Hired assassin John Lee enters a nightclub and shoots a character played by Carlos Leon in the opening moments. Mr. Wei wants John to kill Stan Zedkov’s son, just like Stan did to his son. John disobeys and the title characters appear. FTP, name this film starring Chow Yun-Fat.

Answer: The Replacement Killers
Jack Forman buys placemats while his wife neglects the household. Julia, the wife, works for Xymos Technology developing nanocomputers. When the particles prove to have memory capacity, the unemployed Silicon Valley veteran Jack must come to the rescue. FTP, name this heavily promoted science fiction work, dubbed Jurassic Particles, by Michael Crichton.

Answer: Prey

Seven of the nine episodes were completed by Tokyo-based Studio 4-degrees C and Madhouse Studios. Directors include Yoshiaki Kawajiri, Mahiro Maeda, and Shinichiro Watanabe, the director of Cowboy Bebop. The first episode, entitled The Second Renaissance Part I, debuted in February of this year, with future episodes released each month. Four of the episodes were written by the Wachowski brothers, with the others done by the anime directors. FTP, name these animated features, providing some backstory about Morpheus and Neo.

Answer: The Animatrix
An accomplished child magician, he was a member of Ohio University's forensics squad along with Nancy Cartwright. In the 80's, he had a spot in a Tab Cola ad, bit parts on Solid Gold and The New Love American Style, and he voiced Winston on The Real Ghostbusters in its first season. His character names include Michael Atwood on his self-titled sitcom, Terrell Parker in Martial Law, and Semmi in Coming to America. FTP, name this funnyman, who gained fame for replacing Joan Rivers on her talk show, and who often says "Hit me wit da digits" on Star Search.

Answer: Arsenio Hall (accept either)

21. George Lowery is the name of the boss and Caroline is the name of one of the co-workers in this film. It was based on a novel by Robert Bloch, and its director played man in the cowboy hat outside the office. Its best known scene took 78 takes over 7 days. FTP, name this Hitchcock film starring Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates.

Answer: Psycho

22. Warts, psoriasis, poison ivy, and a bald head are among its targets. Michael Constantine’s weapon of choice, it is mentioned four times. As Gus Portokalos, Constantine frequently uses this cleaning agent as a cure-all. FTP, name this blue S.C. Johnson and Son spray that is a running joke in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Answer: Windex

23. A brief stint with Amburg in Germany’s second division did not discourage her. Before that she played with the Penticton Panthers of the BCHL. The last player cut from the 1998 Canadian Olympic team, she wanted to follow in the footsteps of Manon Rheaume. FTP, name this woman’s hockey goaltender who found a spot on the WCHL’s Long Beach Ice Dogs.

Answer: Danielle Dube

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