Whatever platform you’ve chosen for your general unified communications (UC) client, effective

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Whatever platform you’ve chosen for your general unified communications (UC) client, effective 

voice communication is—or should be—at the heart of your communications strategy. It’s what 

underlies the effectiveness of every business process and workflow. .

Mitel MiVoice for Skype  

for Business

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Enterprise-Class Voice Made Easy for Skype 

for Business Environments 

If your UC platform of choice is Skype for Business from Microsoft™, then let MiVoice for Skype 

for Business make adding enterprise-class voice easy. MiVoice for Skype for Business delivers 

comprehensive voice capabilities so seamlessly and transparently that your employees enjoy 

full-featured voice communications from an industry leader without having to leave their familiar 

Microsoft UC environment. 

Proven and Reliable Voice and Mobility

While there are numerous ways that your employees can 

interact with others, voice still remains a top choice among 

employees and a core element of unified communications.

With over 40 years of experience in delivering business 

communications solutions that power over 2 billion 

business connections every day, Mitel knows what it takes 

to deliver dependable and highly flexible voice solutions to 

address today’s business needs–no matter your size.. 

Built upon Mitel’s Freedom Architecture, Mitel MiVoice 

for Skype for Business can provide your business with a 

highly flexible communications solution that can easily 

respond to your changing business and IT needs. And 

its reliable, distributed architecture can help ensure 

communications availability for your business in the 

event of a network outage or hardware failure, therefore 

allowing your employees to continue working as if nothing 

had happened in the back office.

Voice Made Easy

Gone are the days when your IT department’s main 

priority was simply keeping servers and computer systems 

up and running. These days there are more technological 

concerns than ever vying for their attention and 

departmental resources - Managing and strengthening 

business security and privacy. Managing Big Data analytics. 

Integration of cloud computing into business processes. 

And much more

At Mitel we believe that business communications solutions 

should be the simplest part of your IT department’s world. 

Mitel MiVoice means less IT infrastructure, less complexity 

and less drain on your IT resources.

MiVoice addresses both small business and large 

enterprise needs with the broadest range of 

communication features available, robust call control, and 

support for a wide range of innovative desktop devices 

and applications. 

Key Features

•  Proven and reliable voice and mobility

•  Voice made easy

•  Seamless experience from within client

•  Cloud-ready today

•  Fits all it frameworks, not just Microsoft

•  A full range of enterprise class voice features

•  Enhanced mobility

•  Simple, powerful web-based management

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And it does it without the need for your business to add 

third party components, so you avoid vendor sprawl 

and the complexity and costs associated with managing 

products from multiple vendors.

With Mitel MiVoice and MiVoice for Skype for Business 

you can easily add voice communications to your 

Skype for Business unified communications solution 

that addresses all of your employees’ communications 

needs, all the while helping minimize the total cost of 

ownership of your unified communications solution. 

Seamless Experience within Client  

- Desktop or Mobile

Building on Mitel’s long history of voice and presence 

integration with Microsoft desktop applications, MiVoice 

for Skype for Business leverages and extends the 

capabilities of Microsoft Skype for Business, adding the 

richness and quality of the proven Mitel enterprise voice 

communications solution. 

With MiVoice employees throughout the business 

gain access to a complete range of telephony features 

without having to leave their familiar Skype for Business 

environment. And with mobility as a core component, 

it provides an in-office experience anywhere—on the 

road, at home, or just down the corridor. 

MiVoice for Skype for Business extends Mitel’s rich 

voice call control features, such as click-to-call, 

incoming call device selection, and more to the Skype 

for Business client. Employees can further benefit from 

in-call feature controls, such as call forward, transfer, 

and embedded conferencing and can even move calls 

between their desk phone and mobile phone easily with 

a click of their mouse.

When Skype for Business is installed with Microsoft 

desktop applications, MiVoice for Skype for Business 

also supports voice integration with Microsoft Office 

applications, Outlook, and click-to-call from leading 

web browsers.

Cloud Ready Today

Right now if you are thinking about what is the right 

choice for your business’s unified communications and 

collaborative services and what is the best method for 

deploying it... You are not alone.

Of all the recent trends in technology the one that has had 

the biggest impact on businesses, especially when it comes 

to business communications solutions, is the Cloud.

Clearly there are trade-offs that organizations must take 

into account when deciding between a premises-based 

solution or a hosted, cloud-based offering.

With Mitel MiVoice and MiVoice for Skype for Business you 

are able to choose the deployment strategy, whether  

it’s premise-based or cloud-based, that best suits  

your business and IT needs for MiVoice for Skype  

for Business


 integrates with both on-premise and 

cloud-based Microsoft implementations.

Fits Seamlessly with All IT Frameworks, 

Not Just Microsoft

MiVoice for Skype for Business is built on the open,  

fully modular Mitel Freedom Architecture that is 

agnostic when it comes to data infrastructure and 

unified communications components. 

When powered by Mitel MiVoice Business 

communications solution it provides integration 

with the industry’s most widely deployed back office 

applications, such as VMware, Hyper V and Salesforce.

com, so that it fits your chosen IT framework.

* When deployed with MiVoice Business


© Copyright 2016, Mitel Networks Corporation. All Rights Reserved. The Mitel word and logo are trademarks of Mitel Networks Corporation. 

Any reference to third party trademarks are for reference only and Mitel makes no representation of ownership of these marks.


A Full Range of Enterprise Class  

Voice Features

Integrating MiVoice into a Microsoft Skype for Business 

environment delivers the full range of mission-critical, 

enterprise-class voice features, such as:

•  Flexible calling options. Initiate calls via 

contact lists, from the search window, within 

Microsoft Office applications, or from the Mitel 

Call window. Or from the “recently dialed” or 

“frequently dialed” window, call history list, from 

an IM conversation or IM conversation history.

•  Inbound call notification. Incoming calls are 

presented via a pop-up window that provides 

a selection of call handling options, such as 

answering, forwarding, or transferring the call to 

voice mail.

•  Call forwarding, auto answer, and call history. 

Forward calls to any of your communications 

devices, set auto answer for deskphones, and 

display detailed information about call history.

•  In-call features. Invoke a range of control 

capabilities during a call, including holding, 

transferring, or escalating a call.

•  A range of client modes. Make and receive 

calls on your Desktop phone, softphone, PC or 

mobile device.

•  Presence and availability features. Voice 

presence is integrated with Skype for Business 

presence indication, so you know when other 

users are on the phone. 

•  Single sign-on. Mitel MiVoice for Skype for 

Business launches automatically when you 

launch the client.

•  Status bar. Indicates your current connection 

status and messages.

•  Preference settings. Set up and modify voice-

related settings for MiVoice for Skype for 


Enhanced Mobility

With MiVoice for Skype for Business, employees have 

the same “in-office” communications experience from 

anywhere, with a single identity, phone number, voice 

mailbox, and extension.

Single number reach ensures that multiple devices can 

be programmed to ring for an incoming call, including 

your deskphone, softphone, teleworker line, cell phone 

or home phone. And with native mobile device hand off 

you can move a call you’re on from your deskphone to 

another device, such as a cell phone or home phone.

MiVoice Hot Desking ensures your employees continue 

to be accessible and productive no matter which office 

location they are working from. With it employees can 

easily log into any Mitel IP Phone, located at any of 

your offices (or even at home) and have instant access 

to their personal profile (phone preferences, voice mail 

message, etc.) and have all calls automatically routed to 

that phone.

MiVoice for Skype for Business’s embedded mobility 

capabilities free your employees from their desk 

allowing them to communicate from wherever their 

business day takes them, without the burden of 

escalating mobility costs.

Simple, Powerful Web-Based Management

Through its web-based management capabilities, an 

administrator can control a multi-platform MiVoice 

solution directly from a web browser, as if it was a 

single-platform solution.  And because there are no 

third party components to integrate, the entire solution 

can be managed from a single pane of glass.

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