Yukon Fish and Game Association

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Yukon Fish and Game Association

Outdoor Education Camp 2012

Camp Information

Since 1988, the Yukon Fish & Game Association has been offering the Outdoor Education Camp to young people ages 13 to 16.The camp is free, but a family membership to the Association is required to participate.

The main camp this year will be operating out of Vista Outdoor Learning Centre (VOLC) on Vista Road, km 10 on the Mayo Road, 2nd property on the right.

Clayton White and Nansi Cunningham are the operators of VOLC. Both have extensive experience offering wilderness experiences to people of many types of abilities and ages. Both Clayton and Nansi have current Advanced Wilderness First Aid training and CPR. Clayton is Camp Director.

Alex van Bibber, at 96 years old, is back as Chief Instructor for his 23nd camp. His immense repertoire of wilderness knowledge, experiences and stories are priceless.

Jacintha Gurash is female chaperone. A high energy person with a degree in therapeutic recreation, Jacintha has a large repertoire of games that cover team building activities, memory challenges, physical challenges and loads of fun! This is the 6th year with the camp.

Many other instructors are utilized for specific topics (i.e. Bob Daffe, Tatshenshini Expediting – canoeing; Jim Gilpin, Yukon College – GPS and mapping; Mark Callan, Dept of Environment - HEED). All instructors are hand picked by the Association for their extensive knowledge and experience.

This is a full on camp (not a day camp). Yukon Fish and Game Association provides all tents and sleeping pads, a camp cook and sous-chef, backpacks and daypacks.

Camp participants will be transported to our various activities in a 15-passenger van courtesy of Small’s Expediting. Clayton has a class 4 driver’s license and is the sole driver of the van.

A satellite phone will be with the group at all times in case of emergency.

Yukon Fish and Game Association office, 509 Strickland Street. Ph. 667-4263

Clayton White, Camp Director at 633-5526.

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