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Salzburg, Austria
September 26, 2011

A simple change of system:
Converter from COPA-DATA imports projects from WinCC1 into zenon

The automation specialist COPA-DATA has launched WinCC-to-zenon Converter, a tool that makes it possible to easily convert projects into zenon. Using a wizard, the WinCC-to-zenon Converter assists Siemens WinCC automation software users to easily and safely switch to the HMI/SCADA system zenon from COPA-DATA.

Quick changeover

For manufacturing companies, undertaking a new automation project often involves evaluations of different or additional software. One common hurdle when changing to a new SCADA system is the attendant high cost of resources. Most of all, for complex automation applications that have been built up over many years and have been repeatedly expanded, the time consumed transferring data should not be underestimated. COPA-DATA is addressing exactly this problem with the WinCC-to-zenon Converter.

Simple conversion thanks to an import wizard

A C-Sharp-based, open wizard ensures that screens, variables, and the alarm configuration of WinCC projects can be imported into zenon simply, automatically and reliably. All related settings are transferred over exactly and are immediately available for use in zenon, where they can be edited freely. Users can benefit from all the features of zenon immediately and without limitation once the conversion has been completed. For further information, visit www.copadata.com/WinCC-to-zenon.



Users can now convert their WinCC projects to zenon automatically using the WinCC-to-zenon Converter.

Your contact person:

Julia Angerer

Public Relations Manager

Ing. Punzenberger COPA-DATA GmbH (Headquarters)

+43 662 43 10 02-211



1 WinCC is a product of Siemens AG.

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