1. Could I on these shoes, please?

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6-test english

Test for 6
1. Could I _____ on these shoes, please?
Size nine.
A) look B) put C) try D) turn
2. If I _____ Prime Minister, I _____ increase tax for rich people.
A) would be / shall B) will be / will
C) am / would D) were / would
3. If I _____ in a big house, I _____ a party.
A) lived / would have B) am / am having
C) will live / have D) would live / will have
4. Thank you for the invitation. _____ I can’t come.
A) Suddenly B) Upstairs
C) Unfortunately D) Hardly
5. If she _____ a lot of clothes, she _____ money.
A) bought / would have B) would buy / has
C) wouldn’t bought / had D) didn’t buy / would have
6. If he _____ a watch, he _____ always late.
A) will have / won’t be B) had / isn’t
C) has / is D) had / wouldn’t be
7 W e .......... remember to buy some milk.

a)could b)must c)mustn’t
8. My brother ______ like Indian films.
A) isn’t B) don’t C) not D) doesn’t
9. She wants to go to the park. She ______ want to go to the zoo.
A) doesn’t B) don’t C) isn’t D) wasn’t
10. How much ______ an egg sandwich ?
A) does B) is C) are D) were
11. How much ______ bananas ?
A) was B) is C) are D) do

12. Why ______ you learning English ?
A) will B) are C) have D) did
13. Julia ______ feeling well this morning.
A) aren’t B) doesn’t C) didn’t D) wasn’t
14. To ______ is to move by turning over and over.
a) result
b) roll
c) since
d) visible
e) wild
15. If something ______ to you, you own it.
a) aware
b) badly
c) belong
d) continue
e) error
16.A(n) ______ is a shaking movement of the ground.
a) earthquake
b) effective
c) examine
d) false
e) gift
17. among
a. in the middle of something
c. at anytimeb. a score or mark
d. to understand
18. the son of a king
a. prince b. expertc. famousd. Force
19.Yesterday I (1) got (get) up at half past six. I (2)….. ... (have)
breakfast, I got dressed, I (3) ……. (wash) my teeth and then I
(4) …….. (go) to school. I (5) ……….. (have) English, mathematics,
mother tongue and art lessons. After school I (6) ……..... (come)
home and had lunch. I (7) …….. (eat) some soup and salad. In
the afternoon I (8) ... (do) my homework and (9) ... (play)
football. I had dinner with meat and vegetables. In the
evening I (10) …... (watch) TV and I (11) …….. (go) to bed at half
past nine.

20. Y ou......... wash the dishes. I’ll do it.
A have to B don’t have to C must

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