1. Health and happiness are than richness a. more important b worse c important d less important

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english test

1.Health and happiness are _________ than richness.
a.more important b.worse c.important d.less important
2.I know him _______ probably ________ than anybody else.
a.well / betterb.better / wellc.good / better d.good / well
3.-Let's go by car. It's _________.
-You are right. Going by train is __________ than going by car.
a.cheaper / cheaper b.more expensive / cheaper
c.expensive / cheaper d.cheaper / more expensive
4.Opera music is ___________ (boring) than rock music.
a.boredb.borederc.more bored d.more boring
5.Barack Obama is __________ (smart) than Donald Trump.
a.more smarter b.smarter c.smarter d.more smart
6.Do you think Math and Science are ____________ (difficult) than English?
a.more difficult b.more difficulter
c.is difficulter d.are difficulter
7.My love __________ (big) than the universe.
a.is biger b.is bigger c.are biger d.are bigger
8.Saturdays _____________ (nice) than Mondays because I don't have to go to school.
a.is nice b.is nicer c.are nice d.are nicer
9.Sleeping is good for health. It's ___________ (good) than playing games.
a.is better b.are better c.better d.more better
10.I think I am pretty, but my friend is _________ (pretty).
a.more pretty b.more prettier c.prettyer d.prettier
11.Past simpleda fe’lga qanday qo’shimcha qo’shiladi?
a.-ing b.-s,es c.-d,-ed d.-i,ir
12.Gapni to’g’ri tarjima qiling.
«I was working yesterday».
a.Men kecha ishladim b.Men kecha ishlayotgan edim
c.Men kecha ishlagandim d.Men kecha ishlashni keloladim
13.I….and I….. the knife.
a.cooked/was dropping b.cook/drop
c.was cooking/dropped d.cooked/dropped
14.So’zlarni o’z o’rniga qo’ying.
a.Typing letters was the she b.She was typing the letters c.Letters was typing the she
d.She was the letters typing
15.While I …. to work this morning I …. an old friend».
a.went/meet b.go/was meeting c.am going/met
d.was going/met
16.Last week the police …… crosing the road.
a.was b.were c.had d.are
17.They….. in the dance club.
a.was dancing b.were reading c.was drinking
d.were dancing
18.My friend….. waiting for me.
a.were b.was c.are d.is
19.When I saw him, he …. TV.
a.was drinking b.was dreaming
c.was watching d.was reading
20._________ do you live?
a.Who b.What c.Where
21._________ do you wake up?
I wake up at 7:30 am.
a.Who b.How c. When
22________ is your brother?
He is great, thanks for asking.
a. How b.Who c.Who
23_________ is this?
That’s my electronic dictionary.
a.Who b.Where c.What
24_________ do you take English class?
Because I want to improve my speaking.
a.When b.Where c.Why
25________ does your father work?
He works at the post office.
a.Why b.When c.Where
26________ do I cook rice?
You need to use a pot with water.
a.When b.How c. Where
27________ is the party?
It is on Saturday night.
a. Where b. When c.What
28_________ are you sad?
Because my dog is sick.
a.Why b. What c.Where
29________ is the bank?
It is on 4th Avenue.
a. When b.How c.Where
30.Which is correct?
a.Where did she goes yesterday?
b. Where did she go yesterday?
31. I ______________(play) video games last night.

32. Michael ________________ (jump) on the sofa.

33. We________________ (go) to school yesterday.

34. Dana _____________ (watch) a movie yesterday.

35. Last night, it_______________ (rain) very hard.

36. He_____________ (write) his name on the book.

37. The computer___________ (break) 2 weeks ago.

38. The girls __________(make) a sand castle at the beach last weekend.

39. I ______________(open) the door 3 minutes ago.

40. He _____________(forget) his jacket at his house.

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