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Conference Presentation Proposal Announcement


Are you interested in presenting at the 10th Anniversary of the Self-Determination Conference? We are seeking session presentations for Thursday, Nov. 2 & Friday, Nov. 3.

  • Proposals must include a self-advocate(s) as a lead or co-presenter.

  • Panels should be limited to no more than 3 people.

  • Conference sessions must support Self-Determination and Self-Directed principles.

  • Presentations must include an activity and tools that can be used at the session and as a takeaway. Presentations should focus on practical, take-home strategies that people can implement in their work and lives.

  • Sessions should not promote specific agencies or products.

  • Repeat or similar sessions from previous conferences will not be considered.

  • Sessions will be 1.5 hours in length.

  • A typical session has an audience of 50-75 attendees.

  • If your session is accepted, presenters will be provided with a one day pass on the day of your presentation. If you would like to attend the entire conference, you must register. Self-advocate presenters can apply for a scholarship.

Handouts: Presenters are required to email a copy of the PowerPoint and other handouts to jennifer.neugart@wisconsin.gov by October 2, 2017. Handouts will be converted to PDFs and placed on a secured website for conference attendees to access after the conference. You are responsible for providing 50-75 copies of your materials for your session and for providing any other materials you may need such as flip chart paper, markers, etc.
Equipment: One Screen, A/V Cart, LCD Projector, and microphone will be provided in each breakout session room. Bring your presentation on a flash drive or use your own laptop.
Please complete the proposal form and submit it by noon on April 7, 2017 to:

Jenny Neugart at Jennifer.neugart@wisconsin.gov or mail to BPDD, 101 E. Wilson St., Room 219, Madison, WI 53703.

Conference Presentation Proposal Form

Please complete the form and return by noon on April 7, 2017. A self-advocate(s) must be included.

Lead Presenter:

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Email: Click here to enter text. Phone: Click here to enter text.

Learning topics will support Self-Determination and all aspects of living in the community. Sessions focused on health and well-being will be given preference (check all that apply): Be creative!!!

New & Innovative Ideas on Self-Direction:

Health and Well-Being Session Ideas:

☐ Transition (high school to adulthood)

Mental Health

☐ Transportation

☐ Aging

New Changes to the Long Term Care


☐ Living with Chronic Illness (diabetes,

cancer, heart disease)

☐ Community Living

☐ Healthy Lifestyles (exercise, nutrition)

☐ Housing


☐ Creating a Full Life

☐ Grief/End of life

☐ Diversity

☐ Faith Based


☐ Stress Management

☐ Supported Decision-Making

☐ Mindfulness

☐ Exercising Your Rights as a Citizen

☐ Health & Fitness Technology

☐ Financial Planning and Literacy

☐ Emergency Preparedness

☐ Supporting Caregivers

☐ Advocating for your Health Care Needs

☐ Other _____________________________________________________________________

Title of Presentation (Please try to tie your title to this year’s theme: Celebrating You – Mind, Body and Spirit. Please limit to 15 words or less.): Click here to enter text.

Presentation Description (125 words max, to be included in the program. Be as specific and detailed as possible.): Click here to enter text.

Please describe the Interactive Activity you will do in your session: Click here to enter text.

Please list 3 specific things participants will learn or take away from your session.

1. Click here to enter text.

2. Click here to enter text.

3. Click here to enter text.

Bios: (Please remember, at least one presenter must be a self-advocate. Bios may be revised due to limited space in the program.)

Lead Presenter:

(50 words max.) :Click here to enter text.


(50 words max.) : Click here to enter text.

Or Panel Members


All proposals are due by 12 p.m. on Friday, April 7, 2017.
Please submit your completed proposal form to:

Jenny Neugart at jennifer.neugart@wisconsin.gov or mail to BPDD, 101 E. Wilson St., Room 219, Madison, WI 53703.

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