Amazing structure

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Amazing structure by Gulbakhor Nazirkulova

  • Unit Overview

  • TOPIC Buildings and homes

  • VOCABULARY Describing buildings

  • READING Unusual homes around the world

  • GRAMMAR Comparative and superlative adjectives

  • VOCABULARY Strong adjectives and adverbs

1) m__ns__n
2) f__rmh__s__
3) v__ll__
4) m__b__l__ h__m__
5) fl__t
6) b__ng__l__w
7) h__s__b__t
8) t__rr__c__d h__s__
9) s__m__-d__t__ch__d h__s__
10) th__tch__d c__tt__g__
11) d__t__ch__d h__s__

Activity 3
Complete the types of home with a, e, i, o and u.

1) m__ns__n

2) f__rmh__s__

3) v__ll__

2. Look at the picture and complete the labels

1) f________2) e________3) b________4) s________5) g________6) b________7) f_______ b_______
8) p________9) c________10) s______ d_______11) p________12) l________
13) p________14) p________15) d________16) g________17) h________

3. Replace the underlined words with the adjectives below.
charming contemporary cosy cramped dilapidated lively

1) We’ve just bought a very attractive old farmhouse which we’re going to restore. ______________

2) The living room looked extremely warm and inviting in the firelight. ______________
3) I’m looking for a place in a fun and exciting part of town. ______________
4) Nobody has lived in the family home for years, so today it looks in very bad condition. ______________
5) Their living quarters are uncomfortably small because four of them are sharing the same room. ______________
6) She lives in a flat in a modern building which is very conveniently located. ______________

Activity 4: I'm an architect!
Listen to the audio and do the tasks online

Watch a tutorial video for writing a map

The plans shed light on the changes which had occurred in Central Park between 1990 and 2020.

To summarize, although the basic layout of Central Park was the same, the park had been modernized over the 30 years with the addition of a museum, a stage, and a cafe.

The entrance to the park had been shifted from the southern side to the eastern side. The Krishna temple in the northwest of the park, the Buddha statue in the middle, and the Koi pond in the southeastern corner had remained untouched over the three decades.

Nevertheless, the flower garden, which was the major feature of the park in the northern side, had been downsized. Adjacent to it, a stage for programs had been constructed. The toilet had been relocated from the northeastern corner of the park to the southwestern corner. In the former place, a museum had been built.

Children’s play area, which was another major attraction in the park in the western end, had been reduced in size. The telephone booth and one of the shops, both from the southern side, had been removed. A cafe had been installed in the same area.

Read the sample and analyse it.

Writing: learning how to write task 1 map

Exam skill
: Look at the pictures and write an essay

Grammar time!

Note:A Comparative Adjective is a word that describes a noun by comparing it to another noun. Comparative adjectives typically end in 'er' and are followed by the word 'than'. A Superlative Adjective is a word that describes a noun by comparing it to two or more nouns to the highest or lowest degree


Watch the video and then answer

the questions.

What is your favourite building?

Do you prefer old or modern buildings?

How important is it to have local facilities near your home?

Activity 2

Write down new words that you have found from the video

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