Banda Singh Bahadur Born 1670 at Rajauri, Kashmir

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Banda Singh Bahadur

  • Born 1670 at Rajauri, Kashmir

  • Name - Lachman Das

  • Shot a doe (female deer)

  • Left home to join the sadhus (saints)

Banda Singh Bahadur

  • Became a hermit

  • New name - Madho Das Bairagi

  • Learnt Yoga and magi skills

  • Founded a hermitage at Nanded

  • Spent 16 years there

Banda Singh Bahadur

  • Met Guru Gobind Singh in autumn 1708

  • Took amrit

  • New name - Banda Singh

  • Set off to fight with mughal rulers with 25 sikhs

Banda Singh Bahadur

  • Conquests

  • Reached Punjab in September 1709

  • Took Samana in November 1709 where the executioners of Guru Tegh Bahadur and the 2 younger sons of Guru Gobind Singh lived

  • Took Sadhauru in March 1710 where Pir Budhu Shah used to live

Banda Singh Bahadur

  • Battle of Sirhind in May 12 - May 14th 1710 and killed Wazir Khan

  • Made his capital at Mukhlispur

  • In his 3rd incarnation Banda Singh became a king

Banda Singh Bahadur

Banda Singh Bahadur

  • Uprising in the Majha

  • Took Kalanaur Batala, Pathankot

  • Capatured Jullandur, HoshiarPur in Autumn 1710

  • Ghazis smashed by the sikhs

  • Banda Singh Bahadur’s influence all over Punjab

Banda Singh Bahadur

  • The emporor of India, Bahadur Shah called his best armies from Delhi, Utta Padeh and Oudh

  • Attacked Sirhind Mukhlispur Dec. 1710

  • Banda Singh escaped the emporer disheartened

Banda Singh Bahadur

  • Bahadur Shah dies 17th February 1712

  • All dogs in Lahore killed

  • Jahandar became emporer after killing his brothers

  • He was then killed by his nephew, Farrukh Siyer

  • Abdus Samad Khan, his son Zakarya Khan, governer of Lahore

Banda Singh Bahadur

  • Banda won back Mukhlispur Sadhauru

  • Banda Singh disappeared into the hills in February 1715

  • Came back for his final stand at Gurdas Nangal

  • Laid down arms in December 1715

Banda Singh Bahadur

  • Procession and executions at Dehli

  • 740 prisoners, 2000 sikh heads offered a pardon

  • Banda Singh, his son Ajay Singh aged 4 killed Sunday, 19th June 1716

Banda Singh Bahadur

  • Even Banda Singh’s enemies could not help admiring his bravery.

  • The historian of that period Kanwar Khan wrote ‘It was by the grace of God and not by wisdom or bravery that this came to happen.

Banda Singh Bahadur

  • Every body knows that the emperor Bahudur Shah with Royal princes and many other generals made efforts to defeat Banda Singh, but it was all useless.

  • Now that infidel of sikhs and a few thousands of his companions have been starved into surrender

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