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For official use only

Alien identification number ( / Personal ID

Date received

Received by (name and stamp)


Application for a residence card


Use this form when applying for a new residence card if:

  • you have lost your residence card or

  • information on your card needs to be updated

You can also use this card if you are under 18 and no longer live at home with your parents.

Your residence card serves as proof that you are allowed to reside in the Faroe Islands.
If you have lost your residence card

If you have lost your residence card you must also complete a form stating that you have done so. The form can be obtained from the police and should be submitted together with this form.


  1. Fill out and sign this form.

  2. Submit the form and any documents indicated below in person at a police station. If you are in Denmark, you can submit the form at a police station or the Danish Immigration Service.

What documents should I include with my application?

  • passport photo affixed to Attachment 1: personal data card

  • declaration of lost residence card (if applicable)

  • documentation of the changes to be made to your residence card (if applicable)

When submitting this form, you must also present your current residence card. If you have lost your residence card, you must present another form of picture ID.

New residence card

Your new residence card will be sent to your address in the Faroe Islands.

For more information

More information about the rules governing residence in the Faroe Islands is available at, where you can also find information about processing times. If you have questions when filling out the forms, you can also contact the Danish Immigration Service. See contact information at

1. Information about the applicant PLEASE COMPLETE IN CAPITAL LETTERS

Alien identifcation number ( / Personal ID




Previous surname (if applicable)


Given name(s)


Date of birth (day, month, year)


Address (street and number)


Postal code and city/town


Daytime telephone number


E-mail address


2. Reason for seeking a new residence card PLEASE COMPLETE IN CAPITAL LETTERS

Why are you applying for a new residence card?
 Lost residence card
 Name change due to marriage/divorce
 Name change (other reason)
 New alien identification number (
 Changed date of birth
 I am a permanent residence holder and am turning 18.
 I am under 18 and have moved away from home.

 Other. Please explain:_________________________________________________________________________




3. Declarations

A. Sworn declaration of correctness

I solemnly swear that the information in this application is correct and complete in accordance with

Section 161 of the Danish Criminal Code, cf. Act No 215 of 24 June 1939, with amendments, as well as Section 40 of Ordinance No 182 of 22 March 2001 (Application of the Aliens Act in the Faroe Islands).
If the information is later found to be false or incomplete, I am subject to the following penalties:

• fine or imprisonment for up to two years

• I can be required to repay the expenses incurred by the Danish state as a consequence of the false information

• my residence permit can be revoked in accordance with section 19 of Ordinance No 182 of 22 March 2001

B. Notification that some information will be released to Faroese authorities

Danish immigration authorities are permitted to release certain information to the Faroese Immigration Office or to the Faroese Police, cf. Public Administration Act, Section 28, Paragraph 3, cf. Ordinance No 1144 of 22 December 1993.

Such information includes:

• the grounds for issuing you a residence permit

any waivers granted
The police will be informed if:

• your residence permit is revoked or not extended

• your residence permit is found to have lapsed or

• your residence permit is made permanent

C. Notification that Danish authorities will register information about you and your private affairs

The information you submit when applying for a residence permit will be entered in the Danish Immigration Service’s registers. The same holds true for information submitted when applying to extend your Faroese residence permit.

The information in the Danish Immigration Service’s registers will be used to answer questions about your residence in the Faroe Islands. The police will have access to the information contained in the registers for record keeping and verification purposes. The Ministry of Immigration, Integration and Housing will be permitted to access the Danish Immigration Service’s registers in the event of a complaint.
Other authorities or organisations will receive information about you from the Danish Immigration Service’s registers if the information is necessary to answer questions about your residence in the Faroe Islands.
You are obliged to provide the information necessary for deciding whether you are eligible for a Faroese residence permit, cf. Section 40 of Ordinance No 182 of 22 March 2001. Failure to provide the information can result in a fine or up to four months imprisonment, as well as jeopardising your residence permit. You are entitled to right of access to the information about you in the Aliens Register, cf. Danish law No 294 of 8 June 1978 (Public Registers). Enquiries about accessing information contained in the registers can be addressed to:
The Danish Immigration Service

Ryesgade 53

2100 Copenhagen

D. Verification of the information you submit

The Danish Immigration Service may seek to verify the accuracy of the information included in your application. This may happen while your application is being reviewed or after you have received your residence permit.
Verification may involve contacting other authorities.
Should authorities seek to verify your information, you may be asked to provide supplementary information

4. Signature

By signing below, I confirm that I have read, understood and accepted the terms laid out in Section 3

Date and place



Appendix 1: Personal data card used for issuing residence cards

Foreign nationals who are granted a residence permit in the Faroe Islands will normally be issued a residence card. The personal data card below is used to create the residence card and it is important that it be filled out according to the instructions below. Please submit the completed personal data card together with your application, placing it as the first page of the application.


  • State your Alien Identification Number/personal ID (if applicable).

  • State your full name and date of birth. Please write in capital letters.

  • Sign the personal data card with a black pen, remaining inside the designated area.

  • Affix a passport photo of yourself. A full list of passport photo requirements is available at


Ryesgade 53

2100 København Ø

Personal data card

Alien Identification Number/personal ID (if applicable)


Photo requirements:

  1. Cut off any white frame

  2. Photo size 35mm x 45mm

  3. Head between 30-36mm from tip of chin to top of hair

  4. You must be facing the camera squarely. The photo must be suitable for scanning.

Date of birth


Please note: Sign with a black pen. The signature must be

kept inside the designated area.

For official use only

Personal ID:

Data card number:

For offical use only: Comments and forwarding endorsements

 Name in compliance with shown proof of identity

 passport photo affixed to Residence card personal data form
 Declaration regarding lost residence card
 Previous residence card



The Danish Immigration Service – Ryesgade 53 – DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø – Tel.: +45 35 36 66 00 –
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