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Brussels, 18 May 2006

9531/06 (Presse 146)

Belarus - Council adopts financial restrictive measures

The Council adopted a common position amending common position 2006/276/CFCP imposing restrictive measures against certain officials of Belarus by freezing all funds and economic resources of persons who are responsible for the violations of international electoral standards and the crackdown on civil society and the democratic opposition in the context of the 19 March 2006 presidential elections and those natural or legal persons, entities or bodies associated with them, as listed in the annex (8818/06). The common position also specifies that no funds or economic resources shall be made available, directly or indirectly, to or for the benefit of the persons concerned.

The Common position establishes a list of 36 persons concerned, including President Lukashenko.

These measures are adopted in addition to travel restrictions against President Lukashenko, members of the leadership and certain officials of Belarus imposed by common position 2003/276/CFSP1 adopted by the Council on 10 April. At that time, the Council had indicated that further targeted measures could be decided (See 10 April Council conclusions on Belarus in External relations press release 7939/06).

The Council also adopted a regulation implementing these measures at Community level (8847/06).


36 individuals to be targeted by the restrictive measures :

1. Lukashenko Aleksandr Grigorievich (30.08.1954 Kopys, Vitebsk district) President
2. Nevyglas Gennady Nikolaevich (11.02.1954 Parahonsk, Pinsk district) Head of President's Administration
3. Petkevich Natalya Vladimirovna (24.10.1972 Minsk) Deputy Head of President's administration
4. Rubinov Anatoly Nikolaevich (15.04.1939 Mogilev) Deputy Head in charge of media and ideology, PA
5. Proleskovsky Oleg Vitoldovich (01.10.1963 Zagorsk - Russia, now Sergijev Posad) Aide and Head of the Main Ideological department, PA
6. Radkov Aleksandr Mikhailovich (01.07.1951 Votnya) Minister of Education
7. Rusakevich Vladimir Vasilyevich (13.09.1947 Vygonoshchi) Minister of Information
8. Golovanov Viktor Grigoryevich (1952 Borisov) Minister of Justice
9. Zimovsky Alexander (10.01.1961 Germany) Member of the Upper House of the Parliament; Head of the national state teleradio company
10. Konoplyev Vladimir Nikolaevich (03.01.1954 Akulintsy) Chairman of the Lower House of the Parliament
11. Cherginets Nikolai Ivanovich (17.10.1937 Minsk) Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Upper House
12. Kostyan Sergei Ivanovich (15.01.1941 Usokhi, Mogilevdistrict) Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Lower House
13. Orda Mikhail Sergeevich (28.09.1966 Dyatlovo, Grodnodistrict) Member of the Upper House, leader of BRSM
14. Lozovik Nikolai Ivanovich (18.01.1951 Nevinyany, Minskdistrict), Deputy of the Central Election Commission of Belarus
15. Miklashevich Petr Petrovich (1954 Kosuta, Minskdistrict) Prosecutor General
16. Slizhevsky Oleg Leonidovich, Head of the Division of Social organisations, parties and NGOs, Ministry of Justice
17. Khariton Aleksandr, Consultant of the Division of Social organisations, parties and NGOs of the Ministry of Justice
18. Smirnov Evgeny Aleksandrovich (15.03.1949 Ryazandistrict, Russia), First Deputy of the Chairman of the Economic Court
19. Reutskaya Nadezhda Zalovna, Judge of the Moscow district of Minsk
20. Trubnikov Nikolai Alekseevich, Judge of the Partizanskiy disctrict of Minsk
21. Kupriyanov Nikolai Mikhailovich, Deputy Prosecutor General
22. Sukhorenko Stepan Nikolaevich (27.01.1957 Zdudichi, Mogilevdistrict) Chairman of KGB
23. Dementei Vasily Ivanovich, First deputy, KGB
24. Kozik Leonid Petrovich (13.07.1948 Borisov) Head of the Federation of Trade Unions
25. Koleda Alexandr Mikhailovich, Сhairman of the Central Election Commission of the Brest district
26. Mikhasev Vladimir Ilyich, Сhairman of the Central Election Commission of the Gomel district
27. Luchina Leonid Aleksandrovich (18.11.1947 Minsk district) Сhairman of the Central Election Commission of the Grodno district
28. Karpenko Igor Vasilievich (28.04.1964 Novokuznetsk, Russia)Сhairman of the Central Election Commission of the Minsk City
29. Kurlovich Vladimir Anatolievich, Сhairman of the Central Election Commission of the Minsk district
30. Metelitsa Nikolai Timofeevich, Сhairman of the Central Election Commission of the Mogilev district
31. Pishchulenok Mikhail Vasilievich, Сhairman of the Central Election Commission of the Vitebsk district
32. Sheyman Victor Vladimirovich (26.05.1958 Grodno region) State Secretary of the Security Council
33. Pavlichenko Dmitri Valeriyevich (1966 Vitebsk), Head of the Special Response Group at the Ministry of the Interior (SOBR)
34. Naumov, Vladimir Vladimïrovich (1956) Minister of the Interior
35. Yermoshina Lydia Mihajlovna (29.01.1953 Slutsk -Minsk Region) Chairwoman of the Central Election Commission
36. Podobed Yuri Nikolaevich (05.03.1962 Slutsk-Minsk Region) Lieutenant-Colonel of Militia, Unit for Special Purposes (OMON), Ministry of Internal Affairs


1 OJ L 101, 11.4.2006, p. 5.


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9531/06 (Presse 146)


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