Describe a car journey you had

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(35) Part 2 (Car journey)

Describe a car journey you had
(Part 2 – Topic 35)

Well, to be honest, I don’t like car journeys, especially if it’s a long journey. Because sitting in a car for like 4-5 hours is just very uncomfortable that’s even worse if you have to sit in the backseat with two or three other people because cars are generally too small. But with the right people I can put up with those discomforts, and I would like to talk about one of those moments when I traveled with my friend in a car.

So recently, my friend bought a new car, but the problem is they didn’t deliver the car to his home or to his hometown for that matter and the reason is he ordered a car from another country and the contract didn’t include any part where it said they were obligated to bring his car to his home so they brought it to the capital and left it there.

So, he had to go all the way from his hometown to the capital to get his car and he asked me to accompany him. And I didn’t have a lot of things to do that day so I decided to agree so we bought train tickets and we went to the capital in like three hours. After that we got the car and filled the tank. Without spending any more time in the capital, we headed back home. And on a car, it is a 6-hour drive. But we got the food and the music and we had an amazing time together and we stopped along the way to appreciate the mountains and the nature a couple of times so we didn’t have time to get bored.
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