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Press Release
Sender: Education for Nature - Vietnam

Date: September 20, 2002

Subject: Green Forest, The Wildlife Trade

Contact Details:

Green Forest Student Activity Book

Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV) announces the release of their fifth edition of the student activity book, Rung Xanh (Green Forest), thanks to the collective efforts and contributions from Cuc Phuong National Park, Phong Nha National Park, Na Hang Nature Reserve, Bach Ma National Park, Pu Mat National Park, schools of the SOS village in Hanoi, Fauna and Flora International’s Black Gibbon and Hoang Lien Conservation Projects, the Thua Thien Hue Nature Camp, Frontier Vietnam, and Birdlife International.

The current issue of Green Forest focuses on the wildlife trade, including an overview of hunting and trends in the trade, uses and values, enforcement efforts, and how students can help protect wildlife. As always, Green Forest also includes a variety of activities, games, cartoons, and stories about nature and the environment, in addition to letters and other contributions by students.
In addition to providing a meaningful and enjoyable way for students to learn about key issues relating to nature and the environment, Green Forest also serves as a forum through which students can exchange their ideas and contribute to efforts to raise awareness amongst their peers about the need to protect their environment.
Green Forest is distributed free to participating community-based environmental education programs throughout Vietnam. ENV would like to encourage other school children and environmental education programs in Vietnam to contribute to the next issue of Green Forest (deadline November 15, 2002) focused on Tropical Forests. Please contact Trinh Le Nguyen for more details (see contact info below).
ENV would like to thanks the Embassy of Sweden and the Embassy of Denmark (DANIDA) for supporting this important educational resource, in addition to the Thoresen Foundation and the Reuttgers Foundation (USA).
ENV also wishes to thank Professor Pham Nhat of the Xuan Mai Forestry College for his input and assistance on this issue.
For further details about Green Forest, please contact Mr. Trinh Le Nguyen, Tele. (04) 856-1759



Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV) was established in 2001 as Vietnam’s first environmental education-focused NGO, built upon the success and experience of the community-based Conservation Awareness Program at Cuc Phuong National Park. ENV specializes in training of environmental educators, and carries out a variety of educational programs and initiatives aimed at raising awareness and understanding about the environment, and the need to protect nature and wildlife in Vietnam.

ENV’s educational programs focus on protected area stakeholders (e.g. school children, residents of local communities, park visitors), while its training programs are aimed at enhancing the quality and effectiveness of environmental education in Vietnam through capacity building and experienced-based training for practitioners of environmental education in the field (e.g. teachers, local organizations, protected area staff).
To date, ENV has carried out numerous training programs and other initiatives aimed at helping establish community-based environmental education programs at national parks and protected areas (and for other area-focused conservation initiatives) including Pu Mat, Ba Be, Cat Ba – Ha Long World Heritage Site, Phong Nha, Con Dao, Na Hang, Yen Bai, Sa Pa, Bach Ma, and the Xuan Thuy Nature Reserve (RAMSAR site).
For more information on ENV and its education and training programs, please contact:
Ms. Vu Thi Quyen:

Mr. Trinh Le Nguyen:

Education for Nature – Vietnam

PO Box 222

A14/25 Lang Ha, Hanoi


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