Dgsom medical Student Council Meeting

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DGSOM Medical Student Council Meeting

Tues. 9/9/14

6:00pm – 8:00pm

Moss Auditorium (A2-342 MDCC)


Christine Thang, MS4


Jessica Ferguson, MS4

Members Present:

Christine Thang, Max Goldstein, Jason Scapa, Jessica Ferguson, Gil Weintraub, Tyler Larsen, Melody Chung, Helen Lam, Azim Laiwalla, Abraar Karan, Lao-Tzu Allan-Blitz, Samuel Jackson, Perna Gupta, Cynthia He, Amelia Goodfellow

Guests Present:

Dean Miller, Dr. Braddock, Meredith Szumski, David DiTullio, MS1 attendees

Members Excused:

Scott Greenberg, Stephanie Cham, Nina Vyas, Katherine Huang,

Members Not Present:

Kristopher Roberts, Steven Blum, Tony Cun, David Foulad, Tyler Kern, Hannah Shull, Jonathan Pena, Alfred Yoon, Nima Golzy, Justin Koh, Deepak Ravi, John Thompson, Michael Klein, Maya Smolarek, Michelle Sun, Jennifer Danesh, Amy Wang, Taylor Hobson, Alana Waiwaiole, Niv Hakami-Majd, Phong Huynh, Deborah Martins, Sara Mottahedan, Allison Roe




  1. Call to order

  2. Review and approve previous meeting minutes

  3. Announcements

  4. Officer reports

  5. SAO report

  6. Dean’s report

  7. Subcommittee reports  


Discussion Items:

  1. ASUCLA information – Guy Adams

  2. Joyce Fried project for the MSC

  3. Wellbeing CHS basketball courts discussion

Voting Items:

  1. Executive Admissions Committee Student Representative

  2. Psychiatry SIG application

  3. Physicians for Human Rights application

  4. Appeal from Sports Medicine Student Interest Group

  5. Items from floor, next meeting, adjournment

Call to Order




  • Christine called the meeting to order at 6:13PM in the Moss Auditorium.

Topic 2

Review/Approve Minutes




Approved 6-0

  • Minutes of the August 12th, 2014 MSC meeting were reviewed and approved 6-0 as submitted.

Topic 3

Introductions / Announcements:


Christine Thang


  • Welcome

Topic 4

Officer reports

Presenter Class Presidents



  • MS1 (President TBD)

    • Elections 9/19

  • MS2 (President Lao)

    • Promoting BSLS program

    • Sending out block 1 survey

    • Working with Meredith and the SAO on school-wide events with the Faculty

    • Interviewee dinners possibly at Wolfgang Puck in Ackerman

  • MS3 (President Abraar): in third year clerkship rotations

  • MS4 (President Christine)

    • Submitting ERAS 9/15

    • Post-ERAS/MSPE social 10/3

  • DREW Rep (Richard Morgan)

  • OSR Rep (Amelia Goodfellow)

    • Please see attachment.

    • Requesting topics for annual meeting.

  • PRIME Rep (Evelyn Escobedo)

  • MSTP Rep (Cynthia He): keynote day coming up

  • BC Chair (Jason Scapa): No meeting in last 2 months, no proposals. $24,866 remaining for year.

Topic 5

SAO report


Meredith Szumski


Topic 6

Dean’s report


Drs. Braddock and Miller


  • Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition (PDST)

    • Please see attachment.

  • Dean Miller becoming orientated and meeting with students, especially seniors for dean’s letters. Hopes to meet more with 1st and 2nd year class after residency apps due.

  • Dr. Braddock on medicine service.  Thanks Dr. Miller for accepting position as Dean of Students.

  • Engage with faculty, staff, students on how to use new building. Working with architects and artists to have “3D walkthrough” of new TLC. Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition request for 3% for 2015-16 budget year. 

Topic 7

Subcommittee Reports



Admission and Tour Guides (Claire, David)

  • Tour guide training manual in revision

  • Admissions tour guide video planning to finalize by September

  • Admissions Committee – process to select MS4 as the one medical student representative on the Executive Admissions Committee

    • Please see Topic 11 for voting.

Geffy Guide (Prerna)

  • [ ] Update with new curriculum changes

All-School Formal (Prerna, Nina)

  • Updates – “philanthropic ball” goal to raise money for charity event

  • Confirmed date = Saturday, February 28th, 2015 (SAVE THE DATE!)

  • November MSC meeting – final date and venue

Medical Student Lunch Lecture Series (Abraar)

  • Abraar: “I have been in contact with Lao, Richard, and a few members of the class of 2017 MSC. We have a draft email ready to send out this week to the 4 classes soliciting submissions via a 250 word abstract. We are working with Mitsue and Meredith as well.”

  • Proposal and application information on MSC website

  • In process of confirming rooms for lecture series

Student Organizations Initiative (Max)

  • Goal to have clear decision prior to December when new student interest group leaders are selected

Service Project (Scott)

  • Goal to have vision for project by December and project scheduled by April and have the MS1 and MS2 class participate.

Topic 8



Guy Adams


  • ASUCLA represents the students, each class has a specific item sold at the student store and proceeds contribute to class fundraising

  • Class of 2017 and 2018 fundraising items pending

Topic 9

Project for the MSC


Joyce Fried


  • Proposal for awareness plan to communicate mistreatment

  • Ideas: slogan, campaign, posters, etc. to publicize anti-mistreatment

  • Subcommittee Chair: Lao-Tzu Allan-Blitz

Topic 10

Well-Being Project


Jon Pena & Helen Lam, MS4


  • Please see attachment.

  • Goal to open basketball courts for open recreation area

  • Hours after 5pm M, T, Th, F

  • Currently don’t have storage or equipment; currently need to bring your own equipment

  • Sign ups: first come first serve basis

  • Plan to organizing an opening event: YOGA – proposed dates 9/23 or 9/25

  • Waiver forms require and will be available prior to opening

Topic 11

Executive Admissions Committee Medical Student Representative


David DiTullio, MS4


All Approve

  • Please see attachment.

    • (1) Vote for addition to MSC Constitution – see page 16

    • (2) Vote for approval of application and selection process

  • September MSC – approve process, distribute application -- due date: Friday, Sept. 26th

  • Distribute submitted applications to MSC voting members

  • Online vote for finalist -- due date: Tues. Sept. 31st

  • Present senior medical student finalist to FEC at its Weds. Oct. 1st FEC meeting

  • Addition to the MSC Constitution regarding the application process VOTE: All Approve

Topic 12

Psychiatry Student Interest Group


Brittany Irshay & Shannon Ordon, MS2


All Approve

  • Please see attachment.

  • Group previously existed

  • Strong interest in psychiatry among MS1 and MS2 classes

  • VOTE: All Approve

Topic 13

Physicians for Human Rights SIG


Jenni Lee, Martin Mwangi, Rithi Mathias, MS2


All Approve

  • Please see attachment.

  • Group previously existed

  • Universal interest group, positive for DGSOM community, associated with national organization

  • Many overlapping topics with global health interest group; however, physicians for human rights addresses additional aspects of health care outside of global health

  • VOTE: All Approve

Topic 14

Sports Medicine Student Interest Group


Rohit Jayakar & Peter Cha, MS2

VOTE All Approve

  • Please see attachment.

  • Appealing prior MSC decision

    • Voting members discussion – concern with adding another interest group that does not specifically relate to a residency program, issue regarding interest group leaders and conference group funding

    • Concern regarding limited funding in the budget for interest groups and attending conferences

    • Proposition to have sports medicine student leaders organize a group

    • Voting Members: Yes – 2, No – 5, Abstentions – 0, proposal denied

  • Rohit: “We have attached the application materials--the application, the mission statement and event descriptions, and the forms for our 2 additional advisors. We have restructured the group events to greater serve our mission statement and we now have 3 faculty advisors from distinct fields. We know that the general attitude in MSC seemed to be swaying away from having new interest groups and actually even consolidating some. That being said, we truly believe that this interest group would be greatly beneficial to incoming medical students and should be distinct from other interest groups. In fact, our classmates also agree that there is indeed a strong need for this interest group. In addition, our faculty advisors are enthusiastic and are willing to speak about the group, so feel free to contact them. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns prior to the meeting.”

  • Today’s Discussion: Proposal revised based on recommendations from MSC, incorporates collaboration with additional interest groups and addresses issues outside of Orthopedics or PM&R. Recommend additional component of primary care aspect to interest group events.

  • Vote: All Approve

Topic 15

Items from the floor, next meeting, adjournment




Items from Floor:

  • Since there were no additional items for discussion, the meeting adjourned at 7:49 PM.

Next Meeting:

  • Next meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 14th, 2014 at 7:00 – 9:00 PM in: Bel Air Conference Room (17-323 CHS).

New or Pending Action Items:

  • Send minutes and topics for next meeting’s agenda.

  • Geriatric Medicine SIG application

  • Lao’s MS2 project

New action items & Suggestions:


Action Items



  • Collection and distribution of Ad-Com Student Representative applications to MSC Executive Council

David DiTullio


  • Mistreatment project

Lao-Tzu Allan-Blitz


  • DGSOM Formal – finalize date and venue at November MSC meeting

Prerna & Nina


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