Dushko Viktoriya

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Dushko Viktoriya

Al Barsha-1, Dubai 97156

Cell: +971564615776 – victoria.dushko@gmail.com
Professional Summary____________________________________________________________________

Financial professional highly effective at time management and interacting productively with colleagues and clients.


 Tax accounting  Advanced computer proficiency (both PC

 Corporate tax planning and Mac)

 Cash flow analysis  Analytical reasoning

 Customer relations  Invoice coding familiarity

 Strong in MS Access and Excel  Expertise in invoice and payment

 Superior attention to detail transactions
Personal Information____________________________________________________________

Date of birth: August 23, 1986 Marital Status: Single

Work History__________________________________________________________________

09/2014 to Current Receptionist

Habtoor Grand Beach Resort and Spa, Autograph collection – Dubai, UAE

 Greeting, register, and assign the rooms to the guests;

 Answer telephone and in-person queries related to hotel services and resolve any issues;

 Process guests' check-ins and outs;

 Prepare and complete room and restaurant bills;

 Maintain the guest history files on all guests;

 Liaise with other departments of the hotel;

 Handling payments through cash, checks and credit cards;

 Keep up to date with current promotions and hotel pricing, to provide information to guests, on request, while maximizing bedroom sales opportunities;

 Fulfill all reasonable requests from the guests to ensure their comfort, satisfaction and safety, etc.

11/2011 to 08/2014 Economist for financial issues

Plant "Standard" LLC "Bolshevik” – Kiev, Ukraine

 Preparation of the accounting documents (invoices, sales invoices, tax invoices, contracts, certificates, travel documents, etc.);

 Collecting and processing of the current documents for each transaction and providing them to the account department;

 Making payments through the bank's online system;

 Cashiering;

 Accumulation of costs and revenues under existing contracts, calculation the financial results of the completed contracts, calculation of profitability for the future contracts;

 Preparation of the documents for participation in the tenders;

 Operative preparation of the financial information for the chief manager, as well as reports for the accounting department of LLC “Bolshevik";

 Interaction with the tax authorities and financial institutions.

10/2010 to 10/2011 Reservation agent, Economist

LLC "Royal Hospitality Group" – Kiev, Ukraine

 Make reservations arriving by mail, fax, telephone from guests and travel agents;

 Consult about the price, types of rooms, discounts, shuttle service and another issues;

 Check the correctness of the bills and record them at the special register which contained information about names of the guests, the dates of their arrival and departure, the sum of prepayment etc.;

 Prepare letters of confirmation, cancellations and modifications;

 Develop forecasts for room revenue and occupancy;

 Prepare the list of expected arrivals for the front office;

 Monitoring the terms of payment;

 Entering payment information in the booking program and the special register;

 Daily and monthly reporting.


2008 Specialist: Finance

Donetsk National University of Economy and Trade named after Mikhail Tugan-Baranovsky

  • Donetsk, Ukraine

The best student in the class, participant of the conferences, diploma with the honor.

2012 Advanced Excel: MS Excel

Perspective – XXI Century – Kiev, Ukraine

2012 Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate levels: English

Native English School – Kiev, Ukraine

Listening music (Club, R&B, Rock, Pop), reading books of world classics, doing yoga, running, making beautiful pictures of nature and people.


English - Fluent;

Ukrainian - Native;

Russian - Native;

Spanish - Basic.
Additional Information__________________________________________________________

Responsible, attentive, sociable, honest, open-minded person, team player, fast learner. I am always open to new knowledge and new people.

Desire salary: from 8 000 AED
Recommendations: Mr. Purna Shreshta

Front Office Supervisor

Hotel Habtoor Grand Beach Resort and Spa, Dubai

Cell Phone: + 971 52 626 59 69, +971 56 619 80 85

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