Henry 6/19/12 5-Burzinski Language Arts

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Henry 6/19/12

5-Burzinski Language Arts

Amazing Future for a Young Boy

Sergey Brin was born on August 21, 1973 in Moscow, Russia. Sergey Brin came to America in October 25, 1979 at the age of six with his two parents. Sergey Brin went to the University of Maryland to get his education. Sergey Brin’s Home town is in California in the United States of America. Anne Woijcicki is Sergey Brin’s wife; they met after Lary and Sergey rented out her garage to expand their business. Soon they had a son named Benji. Sergey Brin is still alive today at the age of 38.

A very special person to remember is the person who invented the great search engine Google. This person (Sergey Brin) was the one who created the great company of Google. This person started off with nothing, with just his parents, then he went to college, and he graduated. After graduating, he joined with Lary Page, a person he met in collage, to invent a new faster search engine named Google. On September 7, 1998, Google officially became a company! In May 2000, it released ten foreign languages of Google.com. In May 2007, Googleplex installed solar panels to help make people aware to save energy and for them to save energy as well. By September 1999, Google was processing three and a half million searches each day, sometimes sixty-five per second. By 2005, Google had about 500,000 computers to process data. In March 2003, Google launched AdSense, which offered a way for websites to make money. By the middle of 2001, Lary, one of the co-founders with Sergey, hired more than 200 employees. In the summer of 2003, Google moved its 800 plus employees to a larger, fancier accumulation in Mountain View. On April 24, 2004, Google was intentioned to be a public company. In October 2006, they purchased an internet video source called YouTube. In October 2006, they launched a Chinese version of Google called Google.cn. By 2009, the Googleplex included more than 3 million square feet.

Sergey Brin came here with his parents. He was pushed by his parents to get a better education, and his parents were pulled by the fact that there would be a better education in America. Instead of speaking English he spoke Russian once he got here, but was used to speaking English at the age of nine. They came here by plane and landed in Kennedy Airport in New York. When the Brins arrived in America, it was a good thing when they did because they were about to ban Jews from emigrating. He faced a hard time in school because of his thick accent from Russia. In all of his childhood, he grew up in Moscow, Russia. Many people in his family encouraged him to go to America to have a better chance of success. Sergey was brave in facing a new home and a new life. He definitely rose to the occasion with support from his family. Being able to transport themselves from Russia to America make them great. Sergey rose to the occasion from a plain Russian boy to the co-founder of Google by the support of his family.

Some interesting facts about Sergey Brin are that his favorite fast food restaurant is Burger King. One other fact is that this great fellow was a victim of cyber-attacks. He is a great man that even couldn’t be stopped by his diagnostic of Parkinson’s disease.

I chose Sergey Brin as my person because he was a gifted man that made a great company. Of all his life, he pushed harder and harder to get the job done. He inspired me to keep on trying harder and harder to succeed. This person represents our country because of his great accomplishments in life. For example, making the great company Google is one of his accomplishments. This great accomplishment makes Google get up to six billion searches by people a day. His great accomplishments inspire me to push harder and to succeed in life.

“Google is really going to accomplish something very, very impressive.” This means that Sergey Brin has very high hopes for Googleplex. It can be referred to someone or something that has a lot of potential to become great. In this case, Brin is confident he will continue to succeed.

Sergey Brin created a great company, has had controversy! Sergey was sued for someone posting improper videos on Google. This law suit lead to another law suit where Sergey got suit by China for Google accusing China of cyber-attacks. This slowed him down because he has other things to do besides settling law suits. Sergey uses very expensive computers at home, but uses inexpensive broken computers that he got from the thrift store and fixes them to suit Google’s needs so that if one broke down then the whole system wouldn’t come crashing down. If the whole system came crashing down wouldn’t you think that would be a bad thing to occur? As a result of this, Google saved thousands of dollars from their budget. The saving made more important parts of Google able to be funded and made more important parts of Google to get upgraded and become better. This was a revolutionary and controversial idea.

Sergey Brin made Google an American brand name. Being able to be American meant that from a smart Russian kid he became a proud American who made a company just for coming here. “The melting pot,” means that over the years, many people from other countries immigrated to the United States. This figure applies because this person is Russian and not American, so he has done whatever he can to succeed in America. The “melting pot” can mean that the religions and nationalities are the “melting” and the “pot” is America and all the “melting” is going into the “pot” to make something great. The great Sergey Brin being able to be called American is a dream because he wants to bring a new name to America which is where Google was created. He wants everyone to remember the day Google was created. This great person was the great person who invented Google.

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