I can’t stand in a long line. A wait b waiting c to wait d waited

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  • TEST 1

  1. QUIZ

  1. I can’t stand __ in a long line.
    A) wait B) waiting C) to wait D) waited

  2. We couldn’t help __ when she fell off the horse.
    A) the laugh B) laughing C) laugh D) to laugh

  3. The children __ play with them.
    A) want that I B) want me to
    C) want me for D) want my

  4. We would like __ our radio.
    A) she’s fixing B) she’d fix
    C) she had fixed D) her to fix

  5. Don’t forget __ your lessons before you get to bed.
    A) study B) to study C) studying D) studied

  6. I promise __ after movies, no matter how sleepy I feel.
    A) study B) to study C) studying D) studied

  7. Why did you decide __ before breakfast instead of after dinner?
    A) studying B) to study C) study D) studied

  8. Can you finish __ before the guests arrive?
    A) study B) to study C) studying D) studied

  9. Tom is waiting __ the doctor.
    A) to see B) for to see C) for seeing D) see

  10. Do you want me __ that doctor’s address for you.
    A) to copy B) copy C) copying D) copied

  11. Won’t you let the children __ a little longer?
    A) stay B) to stay C) staying D) stayed

  12. Her mother makes her __ to bed before ten every evening.
    A) to go B) going C) go D) went

  13. Don’t make him __ it if he doesn’t want to.
    A) do B) doing C) to do D) done

  14. Nobody expected him ___ Lola.
    A) marry B) married C) to marry
    D) will marry E) would marry

  15. He didn’t know __ or go home.
    A) to wait B) if that he should wait
    C) if to wait D) whether to wait

  16. Would you mind __ home early?
    A) I came B) coming C) to come D) you come


  1. My classmates __ on picnic every month.
    A) get B) goes C) gets D) go

  2. I like __ football, but my brother doesn’t.
    A) play B) played C) playing D) plays

  3. She likes __ TV, but her husband doesn’t.
    A) watching B) to watch C) watches D)watched

  4. Her sister doesn’t __ eating a hamburger.
    A) like B) likes C) liking D) liked

  5. Do you like __ in your free time?
    A) read B) reads C) to read D) reading

  6. I like __ but I __ like swimming.
    A) sailing / don’t B) sail / doesn’t
    C) sail / don’t D) sail / do

  7. Many foreigners in our country __ to the Golden Bazaar.
    A) buy B) go shopping C) want D) come

  8. Where do you go __ holiday?
    A) at B) in C) of D) on

  9. I like __ .
    A) cooks B) cooking C) cook D) cooked

  10. He hates __ football __ television.
    A) watching / on B) to watch / in
    C) watch / on D) watching / in

  11. They like __ very much.
    A) sail B) sailed C) sailing D) sail

  12. Why __ you like __ in the hotel?
    A) do / working B) do / work
    C) does / working D) does / work

  13. “Do Mr. Adams and his daughter like going __ ?”
    “No, they __ .”
    A) ski / don’t B) skiing / don’t
    C) skiing / do D) ski / does

  14. “__ do you __ on holiday?”
    “To Rome or Paris.”
    A) Where / like B) How / relax
    C) Where / go D) Why / go

  15. Do you like __ homework ?
    A) making B) do C) doing D) does

  16. Do you like __ ?
    A) shop B) shopping C) to shop D) shopped

  17. Do you like __ English?
    A) learn B) learned C) learning D) learnt

  18. I’m still waiting __ the Blue Train.
    A) to B) * C) for D) of

  19. I look forward __ meeting you next month.
    A) at B) for C) with D) to

  20. What __ you __ to know?
    A) do / want B) are / wanting
    C) do / wanting D) are / want

  21. She wants __ in Paris and Moscow.
    A) dancing B) dance C) is dancing D) to dance

  22. A : What __ we __ ?
    B : __ go swimming.
    A) will / do / Let me B) shall / do / Let’s
    C) would / do / Let her D) shall / do / Let me

  23. A: __ are you going to the chemist’s?
    B: I’m going to the chemist’s __ some medicine.
    A) Why / too buy B) Why / to buy
    C) When / two buy D) Where / buy

  24. Wait __ me.
    A) to B) for C) at D) on

  25. We’ve decided __ married in the spring.
    A) get B) to get C) getting D) got

  26. I hope __ some money soon.
    A) earning B) earn C) to earn D) to earning

  27. I want __ a film on TV this evening.
    A) seeing B) see C) see to D) to see

  28. Some people like __ breakfast in bed, but I don’t.
    A) having B) too have C) have D) has

  29. I’m looking forward __ you again soon.
    A) to see B) seeing C) to seeing D) see

  30. I __ my job soon.
    A) think changing B) am thinking of changing
    C) am thinking to change D) think change

  31. Wait __ me in the street.
    A) to B) for C) at D) in

  32. Barbara hopes __ a lawyer.
    A) become B) to become C) of becoming D) becoming

  33. I’d love __ with you.
    A) to going B) go C) to go D) going

  34. She enjoys __ the news on television.
    A) watching B) to watch C) to watching D) watch

  35. I’m looking forward __ more free time.
    A) to having B) to have C) of having D) having

  36. Do you want __ it again?
    A) try B) trying C) to trying D) to try

    TEST 2

  1. We’re __ a party next Saturday. Would you like __?
    A) have / to go B) having / to come
    C) had / to have D) having to / had

  2. You must see my new flat. __ round and __ a drink some time.
    A) Go / come B) Have / come
    C) Go / have D) Come / have

  3. Let’s go __ a walk.
    A) on B) to C) in D) for

  4. We arrived __ the station five minutes late.
    A) to B) at C) for D) on

  5. He agreed __ the job as soon as possible.
    A) start B) starting C) to start D) starts

  6. I stopped __ my book and went to bed.
    A) to read B) read C) will read D) reading

  7. My teachers always expected me __ well in exams.
    A) did B) doing C) do D) to do

  8. Let me __ for the meal. You paid last time.
    A) pay B) to pay C) paid D) paying

  9. The dentist told me __ more careful when I brush my teeth.
    A) will be B) being C) to be D) be

  10. I asked Monica __ some stamps.
    A) buys B) buying C) to buy D) buy

  11. I never liked __ to church when I was a child.
    A) going B) to do C) went D) go

  12. Have you finished __ that letter yet?
    A) to write B) writing C) writes D) write

  13. My family is trying __ where to go on holiday.
    A) decided B) decide C) to decide D) deciding

  14. I’d like __ somewhere different for a change.
    A) went B) to go C) go D) going

  15. I enjoy __ places I’ve never been to before.
    A) visiting B) to visit C) visits D) visit

  16. But my children hate __.
    A) sightsee B) to sightsee C) sightseeing D)will sightsee

  17. They prefer __ in a swimming pool all day.
    A) playing B) plays C) to play D) to playing

  18. They refuse __ out on trips if it’s too hot.
    A) to going B) to go C) going D) go

  19. Last year we managed __ a holiday that suited everyone.
    A) found B) to find C) find D) finding

  20. We decided __ a house with a swimming pool.
    A) renting B) rent C) to renting D) to rent

  21. A woman from a travel agency helped us __ a nice house.
    A) to choose B) choosing C) chooses D) too choose

  22. When we arrived, the people next door invited us __ a drink with them.
    A) have B) to have C) to had D) having

  23. We began __ about next year’s holiday two months ago.
    A) talked B) talking C) talks D) talk

  24. Everyone hopes __ themselves on holiday but it isn’t always easy.
    A) enjoy B) to enjoy C) be enjoyed D) enjoying

  25. My wife and I are starting __ we should stay at home.
    A) thinking B) think C) to think D) thought

  26. I went to the shops __ some shoes.
    A) buy B) for to buy C) to buy D) for buy

  27. Do you enjoy __?
    A) dance B) dancing C) danced D) to dance

  28. He always makes me __.
    A) to laugh B) laughing C) laugh D) be laughed

  29. She refused __ for the meal.
    A) paying B) to pay C) pays D) the pay

  30. I’ll never forget __ him for the first time.
    A) meet B) meeting C) to meet D) to met

  31. I don’t know __ to telephone.
    A) whom did Tom want B) why was Tom going
    C) when is Tom D) who Tom was going

  32. No one seemed to know __.
    A) why was he angry B) which party has won
    C) when the festival was due to start
    D) what is his latest decision

  33. I doubt __ anybody knows how to solve the housing problem in Turkey.
    A) whether B) which C) why D) what

  34. He wants __ a cold drink.
    A) drink B) to drink C) drinking D) drinks

  35. He never __ by plane.
    A) travels B) to travel C) traveling D) travel

Will you __ off the photocopier?
A) to turn B) turning C) turned D) turn

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