Idrak, a member of Dar Al-Mimar Group (dmg), is a specialized fine finishing contracting company

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IDRAK,  a  member  of  Dar  Al-Mimar  Group  (DMG),  is  a  specialized  fine  finishing  contracting  company 

providing  an  array  of  finishing  solutions  to  real  estate  developers  from  administrative,  commercial  to 

residential  projects,  for  both  local  and  international  entities.  Having  the  adequate  knowledge  and 

experience, along with the diversity in work scale gave us the competency to set ourselves market leader 

in  the  fine  finishing  sector.

Building on more than 25 years of experience in the Egyptian market, IDRAK has been catering its interior design 

and  fine  finishing  contracting  solutions  to  diverse  projects  in  different  sectors,  from  administrative  and  office 

buildings, malls and retail, to residential compounds, hotels and resorts, which gave IDRAK enough knowledge and 

experience in every sector’s needs and requirements, therefore equipping us with the ultimate, functional solutions 

to meet every expectation. Besides, IDRAK has been constantly growing its team of professionals and its beliefs in 

ethics, integrity, and partnership, while endorsing a customer-centric approach driven by innovation and passion 

for growth to reach where we are now.

Today, in 2014 - IDRAK has made the dream come true; it has successfully set itself one of the market leading 

companies in the field of fine-finishing and contracting. IDRAK has widely expanded its work scope to include top 

developers in Egypt and MENA region along with its breakthrough in commercial office buildings, malls and high-

end residential compounds, with a promise of more to come…

Issue #1

At IDRAK, we bring life to design and design to life…

Solutions for Real Estate 

Developers P.9

Porto Cairo Mall is a new concept of shopping mixed with entertainment in New Cairo District, it’s one of the leading retail developments in Egypt, in which 

IDRAK has successfully completed in set time frames. This huge 34,500 m2 flagship project included IDRAK’s interior finishing and electromechanical works 

done in collaboration with DMC.

Porto Cairo Mall Phase (1) 


Progress status 2013

Phase (1) Delivery 2014

As a part of our commitment and belief in meeting every challenge with equal efficiency and delivery satisfaction, IDRAK has completed the 

finishing work of VFS in 6 different offices across different governorates and cities in a very tight schedule of two months. IDRAK’s work in VFS 

included interior design, finishing and electromechanical works. VFS, the global outsourcing and technology services specialist for diplomatic 

missions and governments is now open in Egypt. 


 VFS- ‘Design & Build’ Project

Meeting the challenge... 

 Delivering 6 branches in 2 months

Elegant and unique designs are what distinguish our work in Raya Plaza and its mall, Galleria 40. IDRAK completing the interior finishing works 

and landscape of this high-end retail mall and progressing in the office spaces located in the 6th of October, Sheikh Zayed district, with a space 

of 47,000 m2 which includes an exclusive high-end retail area, office space and sports facilities. It is one of the very first green buildings in Egypt 

finished by IDRAK, certified by the LEED accredited professional and experts. 

Delivering one of the few LEED Certified properties


Galleria 40 - Raya Plaza Mall


IDRAK has completed the interior finishing works of one of the biggest mixed developments in Cairo; Cairo Festival City’s Command & Control 

Center located in the booming area of New Cairo. CFC is responsible for managing the luxury residential units, prime office spaces, indoor/

outdoor dining areas, shopping and entertainment facilities, in addition to some internationally renowned hotels, schools and automotive park.

Delivering CFC’s Command & Control Center 



Progressing for delivery- ‘Design & Build’ Exterior & Interior

Located in New Cairo, in the heart of the commercial zone on road 90, is the new head office of one of Egypt’s leading pharmaceutical 

companies, APEX. IDRAK has proudly completed this unique office space, aimed to look like a hotel projecting the hospitality image in a warm 

yet corporate atmosphere. IDRAK handled finishing, exterior and interior work, along with the design and built in cooperation with DMA.


Design & Build Solutions

 for Real Estate Developers

After extensive research, our R&D experts came out with new finishing 

solutions translated into sealed products that cater to real estate developers 

in the residential and coastal projects. All our solutions guarantee a 

consistent level of quality, attention to detail and are hassle-free, with pre-

fixed delivery dates, set budgets and clear payment terms.

Our benefits:

- Clear budget and price per m2

- Different models/themes catering to different configurations

- Flexible payment terms depending on each developer’s business model

- Developer having full control and can manage the site finishing


IDRAK completed the new I-Villa concept ‘A Villa within a Villa’ in Egypt, which is the optimum utilization of space based on the most innovative interior design 

and build solutions. The building is divided into 3 levels encompassing three different styles; American, Classic and Contemporary. Come visit Mountain View 

Executive Residence, to take a look at the model I-Villa’s finished and furnished by IDRAK.



Real Site photos




Real Site photos




Real Site photos

IDRAK took part in Cityscape Annual Exhibition that took place from the 9th to the 12th of April, at The Cairo International Convention Centre. Cityscape 

is a worldwide leading international property exhibition, that takes place in different emerging markets around the world to drive growth in the real eastate 

investement  and development. Showcasing the widest range of developments under one roof, it caters to the needs of everyone from developers

institutional investors and service providers, to the general or first-time home buyer. It was a positive opportunity to get together with a wide list of real estate 

developers and potential clients under one roof. IDRAK’s uniquely designed partition was visited by a large turnout of visitors and participants alike.



At Cityscape 2014




27 Abdel Aziz Fahmy St. Heliopolis. Cairo, Egypt

Fax: +2 02 2635 8718 | Ext: 19

Tel: +2 02 2635 8718

Mobile: +2 0100 5433 512


IDRAK’s Team Participates in CSR Activities 

Renovating a school at Warak Al Arab

Contact Us


IDRAK... Better Life For All

As  one  of  the  integral,  core  beliefs  in  DMG  is  the  positive  participation  in 

developing our communities. Our success as a group of companies stems from 

our participation in the wider community in which we live in and operate within. 

We collectively share a great sense of responsibility towards our country, which 

is highlighted in our CSR activities through the group as a whole, and IDRAK in 


Our various efforts are divided across a number of activities; some of which are 

directly within our Scope, while others have been developed in partnerships to 

help and support different initiatives. At the end, we all strive together to build 

a better life for all and our aim is to create a positive impact to be felt and lived.


IDRAK also works hand in hand with prominent charitable organizations; worth 

to mention ‘Resala’, ‘The Egyptian Food Bank’ and 57357 Hospital. We are also 

cooperating in the ‘Together for Developing Slums’ initiative to alter the lives 

and improve the living conditions of unprivileged Egyptians.

At IDRAK, we are adopting two initiatives; the first is “Ma’an Lel Kheir”, where 

we  do  design  makeover  for  youth  centers  across  the  nation  and  work  in 

revamping the interiors of 57357 Hospital to make it more cheerful, kids friendly 

and appealing to children. The other initiative is “Misr Lel Kheir”, which is done 

in collaboration with ‘Port Said Academy’ to renovate different areas across the 


Our ultimate goal is to create a better life for all…

We are open to any suggestions that would help make a difference and improve 


Please feel free to contact us on:

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Idrak Fine Finishings

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