Lesson plan Theme: All about me

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Lesson plan

Theme: All about me
(Demonsrative lesson)

Student-teacher: Jamoliddinova Dilnoza
Group: 11-4chi-20
Practical place: 36-school
Teacher: Davronova Sitora

Theme: All about me
Educational: - to learn about personal profiles
Developing: - to develop listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills
Socio-cultural: - to raise awareness of different cultures
Up bringing: - to enrich pupils’ knowledge of our tradition and nation

Learning outcomes: At the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to use learnt language in practice, ask and answer questions
Competence: SC1, FLCC, and PC
Type of the lesson: Mixed, group work, pair-work, individual work
Method of the lesson: nontraditional, mixed
Equipment of the lesson: “Prepare 10” SB, WB, pictures, internet, computers, projector

Procedure of the lesson:
I. Organizing moment: Motivation, Greeting, checking attendance, season, weather, checking the preparation for the lesson.
- Check for homework given on past lesson.
- Ask pupils all new words learnt on previous lesson.
II. Pre-activity:

According to statistics from Statista.com and the UK Office for National Statistics, young people aged 8–15 spend 68 minutes a day on outdoor activities, sports and active travel (walking or cycling). Boys spend an average of 15 more minutes a day than girls. 75% of 12–15-year-olds use social media: 82% of young people have a Facebook account while 56% use Instagram. Internet users in the UK spend an average 114 minutes a day on social media.

III. Main part
Activity 1 Read the information about part of a school website. Discuss the questions.
Ask students to read the information and help them with any new vocabulary. They discuss the questions in pairs. Ask for feedback and then hold a short class discussion about question 2.

Students’ own answers

Activity2. Three students have posted information on all.about.me. Read the profiles below and ignore any gaps. Match each person to one interest.

Divide the students into three groups (A, B and C) and give them each a different profile to read. Tell group C not to worry about the missing words in their text about Alfie. Ask each group to match their profile to one of the activities in the box. Then put students into groups of three, with one student from each group A, B and C. Each student tells their group about the person whose profile they read. Students then read all three profiles and check that the people and activities are correctly matched. Check answers.

Lucas – technology
Grace – fitness
Alfie – going to the cinema
The Reading text is recorded for students to listen, read and check their answers.

Activity 3 Now read Alfie’s profile again. Write ONE word for each gap.

Explain to students that they have to complete each gap in Alfie’s profile with one word. They should look at the words before and after the gap and think of one word which fits the gap. Look at the first gap together and ask students what sort of word goes after a subject and before a base form (an auxiliary or a modal verb). Ask them to complete the exercise a
nd compare their answers with a partner before checking answers with the class. With the students, name the parts of speech used. Explain that these parts of speech are very typical of the words used in this kind of exercise.

V. Homework
Ask pupils open their WB page on 4and do the tasks 1,2 and 3
VI. Evaluation
Giving marks according to pupils’ participation to the lesson
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