Memorandum  Date: August 2009 To

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Date: August 2009

To: All HATRA members

From: Kim Morgan and Andrea Dean

Co-Chairs of Hamilton and Area Therapeutic Recreation Association

Re: UPDATE ON HATRA September 2009-2010


Thank you to all of you that has supported the HATRA organization over the years and established a strong network of Therapeutic Recreation professionals in the Hamilton-Halton community.

At times, with any organization, change has to happen to better the connections and services it provides for its stakeholders. With this being said, we wanted to update you on some changes that HATRA will be experiencing come the fall of 2009.

At the annual meeting in June of 2009, the membership voted that as professionals working in Therapeutic Recreation, our energies should be focused on the 2010 TR0/CTRA National Conference being held right here in Hamilton. In essence, HATRA is taking a sabbatical!
A number of HATRA professionals have committed their time to coordinate this conference and make it the best conference ever! It was felt that active HATRA members and non-members involved in the conference planning would have opportunities to connect and enhance our collective professional bonds. It is our hope to organize a social at the conference for local Therapeutic Recreation professionals to come together and discuss our needs and perhaps how we can be more supportive together. HATRA‘s executive will re-assess our position as a professional organization by the fall of 2010, and make a decision on whether there is enough interest and support to continue.

We look forward to this exciting time ahead, and hope to make contact with many of you in June 2010 at the Hamilton Convention Centre.

Please continue to inform us of opportunities you feel other TR’s would benefit from, so we can place it on our website. Also, as always, feel free to direct any questions to Kim Morgan or Andrea Dean about the HATRA organization. or morgank@HHSC.CA

Stay in touch and have a GREAT 2009-2010!
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