Minimum Requirement of ipv6 for Low Cost Network Appliance draft-okabe-ipv6-lcna-minreq-01. txt

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Minimum Requirement of IPv6 for Low Cost Network Appliance draft-okabe-ipv6-lcna-minreq-01.txt

  • Atsushi Inoue


  • Toshiba Corporation R&D Center


  • Motivation

  • Objective of this draft

  • Changes from -00 draft

  • Open issues

  • Next steps

LCNA definition

  • Low Cost Network Appliances (LCNA) will be connected to the Internet

    • Special purpose devices (unlike ordinary PC).
    • Having limited network functionality under limited resources.
    • Not a router, but a host.

LCNA example (Home appliances)

LCNA example (Home appliances)

LCNA example (IP sensor)

  • SIMM size

  • 1MROM

  • 1MRAM

  • 8bits,40MHz

  • IPv4: 7KB

  • IPv6:21KB

  • JVM

  • HTTPD, Telnet, Ftp


  • In Japan, many LCNA trials are promoted as a national project.

      • IP Sensors
      • Home appliances (Refrigerator, Microwave oven)
      • Playstation2 w/ IPv6 functionality
    • Currently prototyped w/ KAME/USAGI full-spec IPv6 stack
    • But in order to make them commercial products, cost down by compact implementation (including LSI packaging) is necessary

Our objectives

  • Submit a LCNA node requirement document in order to make a guideline for implementing IPv6 on LCNAs.

    • Sharing implementation experience of various LCNAs.
    • Making reference code and test suites to public
      • Drive LCNA industry
      • LCNA Interoperability test (Jan.23-26 @Pacifico Yokohama)
        • 27 organization joined with 7 LCNA implementations (from 6 organizations)

3rd TAHI IPv6 Interoperability Test Event

Changes from -00 draft

  • Reflected comments of IPv6 WG

  • Corrected several editorial errors

  • Mobility parts (2.8, Chapter 5) are appended

  • Default address selection for IPv6 (3.8) is appended

  • Security part is completely changed

    • Threat analysis of LCNA (4.1)
    • IPsec not mandatory (4.2-4.3)
    • IPsec minimum requirement in 00 draft is now moved to Appendix as one (IP-layer) example of security solution (but we cannot mention about other layers’ security solutions)

Open issues (IPsec mandatory ? )

    • Discussion of cellular draft also works for LCNA
      • Basically, IPv6 mandates implementing IPsec.
      • No-IPsec must not be allowed even if currently LCNAs cannot support IPsec
      • On IPv6 end-to-end environment, no-security nodes cannot exist (it might be victim of intrusion/highjacking)
      • It might happen that a vendor have to limit (or omit) IPsec implementation on its own responsibility.
      • If IPsec minimum specification is regulated, draft-00 (ESP with manual key exchange) will be fine

Open issues (document structure)

    • Is generic node requirement document possible ?
      • In case of cellular draft, usage model and network configuration are regulated by 3G network document
      • But in case of LCNAs, we have not discussed network/usage models yet
    • We need descriptions for network/usage models of typical LCNAs
      • Home appliance LCNAs and home gateway model
      • Sensor type LCNAs and information gathering server model
      •  Should these items be merged to this draft ? Or separate documents ?

Next Steps

  • On 02 draft

    • Update Chapter 4(Security) again
    • Update Mobile IPv6 part by watching mobileip WG progress
    • Network/Usage model description (on separate document ??)
    • Security solution evaluation data on appendix
      • How difficult it is for LCNAs to implement current security solutions must be evaluated !!
  • After that, proceed to WG item

More Info.

  • Contact Points


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